Export Payment Data from Setmore to Xero

Track your business revenue, assess your cash flow, and manage your inventory online. Xero is an online platform that helps business owners to manage and analyze revenue and expenditures.

How it works with Setmore

When a payment is logged for a Setmore appointment, the payment data will automatically be exported to your Xero account. You can configure the payment fields that will be exported and choose the target list in Xero that will import the payment data.

Xero Integration with Setmore
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Update Your Ledger Automatically

The Setmore-Xero integration connects your accounting software and the revenue generated from the services you offer through Setmore. By activating the integration, Setmore will automatically export the transaction details when a customer payment is processed. You can also push your customer information to Xero to ensure that invoices are mapped to the customer contacts in your Xero database. The integration covers both payments made through your admin calendar, and via the online Booking Page.

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Export Details of Your Cash and Card Payments

Setmore's free basic version comes with the Setmore Cash Register feature that empowers you to log cash payments received from your customers, and to generate printable invoices. You can activate the Setmore Cash Register to export payment data of any cash payments from your customers to Xero.

Use the Square integration with the free version of Setmore, or the Stripe integration with Setmore Premium, to take card payments from your customers. With a payment integration activated, the payments you log in Setmore will export transaction data to your Xero account.

Integrate with Xero in 3 Simple Steps

Integrating your Setmore account with Xero is easy and requires logging into your Xero account at the time of activation.

Let's see how it's done:

  • Step 1: From inside your Setmore account, go to Apps & Integrations, then scroll down and click the Xero integration card. Click the “Activate” button on the left side of the pop-up window.
  • Step 2: Enter your Xero account’s username and password, then click the Sign In button. You will be prompted to authorize access for Setmore.
  • Step 3: Map the contact fields of your payment details from Setmore to your Xero account and test the target. Successful completion of the field mapping will activate the integration.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the integration export the transaction details from payments that have already occurred?

Once the integration is activated, Setmore will export the payment details from transactions made after activating the integration. To export the payment details of previous transactions, you can download the invoices from the Payment History tab and manually import them to your Xero account.

My customer contact is not in Xero yet, what should I do?

When your Setmore payment data contains a customer that does not exist in your Xero account, this integration will create a new contact for that customer in Xero. You can also update your Xero account by importing your Setmore customer contacts to Xero.

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