Booking Page

Every Setmore account comes with a free customer facing booking page. Enable customers to book appointments with your business all by themselves.

Your Free Virtual Appointment Assistance

Get a free customizable booking page tailored to the nitty-gritty of your business. Add business hours, location details, service providers, display Instagram pictures, add your favorite logo, attach your social network handles and much more. Moreover, your customers can book appointments through this online booking page without having to phone or email your business. All you need to do is to share the booking page URL with your customers to help them book appointments with you. Every appointment made on the booking page gets displayed in your Setmore appointment calendar for easy access and management.

Booking Page

Don’t Have a Website? Well, You Do not Need One

The booking page is identical to a business website. However, instead of a full-fledged website with categories inclined to other aspects of your business than fixing the appointment, your personal booking page remains distraction-free and solely focuses on appointment scheduling. Select the required service, take up an available time-slot of your choice, add details and done. That is all it takes to help customers booking appointments through the booking page of yours.

  • Get a personalized free booking page optimized for taking appointments from your clients.
  • Trims down the constraint of maintaining a website to secure appointments with customers.
  • Customers can choose to create an account with your business for easy information retrieval for future bookings.
  • Take complete control of how your booking page corresponds to your business specifics by altering the reservation policies on will.
  • Share the booking page URL on your social networks to increase your customer base.

Your booking page not just helps your customers book appointments in a flash, it also reduces the amount of phones calls and emails you get in a day since your customers book appointments by themselves. Setting up the booking page is as easy as it gets and doesn’t require much work. Moreover, it is free. So what's the delay? Let’s get started from here.

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