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Self-Service Booking Fills Your Calendar Faster

By adding self-service appointment scheduling to your website, you’ll give customers the opportunity to skip the phone call and immediately reserve a timeslot on your calendar. This means you’ll spend less time on the phone and more time focusing on quality of service. Your business and Setmore make the perfect team - Setmore will bring them in the door so you can wow them with an awesome experience.

Have Customers Book an Initial Consultation

Are your services somewhat complicated? Or do you need time to understand the customer’s problem better before prescribing a solution? Setmore lets you mark certain services as private, so you can require customers to book an initial consultation before scheduling follow-up services as needed. This makes Setmore an ideal first touchpoint for getting to know your customers.

No More Missed Opportunities

Most customers will call to schedule an appointment with you after your normal business hours - which is usually when they’re free from work. While this typically means leaving a voicemail, or potentially losing the customer because they don’t want to leave a voicemail, the option to self-book online will help capture these missed opportunities. Your Booking Page is available 24/7, day or night, so appointments will get booked even when you’re asleep!

Empower Customers to Cancel and Reschedule

With the built-in Customer Login feature, your Setmore Booking Page will equip customers with their own username and passwords when scheduling an appointment. This gives them access to a personalized appointment history, along with the ability to cancel and reschedule appointments on their own (within a timeframe of your choosing), cutting down on unnecessary phone calls and emails even further.

Additional Resources

Learn more about the Setmore Booking Page by visiting our support center here.

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