DMV Appointment Scheduling Software.

Banish queues and book more driving lessons with a free online DMV appointment system.

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Avoid scheduling speed bumps!

Get a real-time view of your team members' schedules on any device. Assign learners to free instructors and avoid double-bookings with Setmore.

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Give every driver the freedom to book any time, with free online DMV scheduling software.

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Reduce wait times.

Long phone queues can have a negative impact on your customer experience. Your DMV office scheduling app allows customers to self-book online and pay in advance. Streamline the booking process so you can concentrate on updating registrations and title records.

Your personalized Booking Page handles customer intake, freeing you to provide advice on motor vehicle policies, procedures, and fee requirements. Spend less time tied up on the phone and more processing applications.

Keep your eyes on the road.

Download the free Setmore iOS or Android app to access a real-time view of your calendar from Anywhere. Forget having to follow-up on booking requests and answer calls. When a client schedules or amends an appointment online, you get notified instantly.

Focus on teaching new learners to parallel park, while your driving school booking software updates your calendar.

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All your services in one location.

Who can forget the excitement of booking their road test appointment? 🎉 Make it easy for learners to schedule their tests by sharing an individual service booking link. They click the link, select their time slot, and on your marks, get set, go!

You can create all kinds of service links to showcase what your DMV offers on your Booking Page. Your customers can schedule the exact service they need in minutes. Add service links for driving tests, licensing, vehicle renewals and more, for a straightforward booking process.

Let your driving instructors navigate.

Create Staff Logins for your DMV or private driving school instructors to manage their own calendars. In addition to scheduling lessons, your team can add their working hours, training hours and time-off.

Set up instructor booking links to send to eager learners. No matter your location, offer customers a simple booking experience to jumpstart their behind-the-wheel training.

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Give online DMV appointment scheduling the green light.

Put an end to crowded offices by allowing your customers to book their spots online.

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Grab the wheel on your DMV test scheduling.

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