Integrate Setmore with Zendesk

Fix Appointments from Your Dashboard

This is the age of customer experience and businesses go to great lengths to give their customers the best service and support. With thousands of customers, Zendesk helps companies take service and engagement to the next level. Setmore, the appointment scheduling software you trust, and Zendesk have joined forces to make life simpler. With this integration, add your Setmore booking page to your Zendesk dashboard and book appointments for your customers while responding to inbound tickets.

Scheduling Simplified

Zendesk streamlines the process involved in customer service and interaction by accepting customer queries across multiple channels and presenting them as tickets on a dashboard. With the Setmore-Zendesk integration, your Setmore booking page will occupy a section of your Zendesk dashboard, making it easier for your staff to resolve tickets that require scheduling appointments for your customers. Your staff won’t have to navigate to an external site anymore to fix appointments every time a customer raises a ticket.

Activating the Integration

Can’t wait to reap the benefits of the integration? You’ll be delighted to know that setting it up is incredibly simple as well. Try it out yourself with the instructions below:

  • Go to Profile > Integrate > Social Plugins and copy the Setmore key under the title “Zendesk.”
  • Go to Settings in your Zendesk account and choose Marketplace.
  • Search and download the Setmore Appointments app from the Zendesk marketplace.
  • Click the Install App button.
  • Paste the copied Setmore key and click Install to complete the process.
  • The Setmore booking page will now be visible on your dashboard.

A Team to Support You

If you need help in setting up the integration, the Setmore crew is here around the clock to assist you. Access an illustrative guide to integrate the Setmore booking page to your Zendesk dashboard from Setmore’s online help section.

Need additional help? Reach us through instant message from inside your account, by calling us at +1 (877) 407-3560, or by sending an email to

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