Your all-in-one Zendesk booking app.

Book appointments for customers straight from your Zendesk dashboard.

zendesk appointment booking app
  • Book without switching apps

    Add a booking widget to your Zendesk interface and schedule appointments from your dashboard.

  • Automate appointment reminders

    Reduce customer no-shows and ensure your team stays productive with automatic text and email reminders.

  • Reach more customers with video

    Book personalized introductory sessions and onboard customers virtually via Google Meet or Zoom.

Reduce the back-and-forth with a Zendesk scheduling app.

Zendesk is a customer service platform that enables support staff and agents to communicate with clients. Connect your Zendesk account with Setmore and let your helpdesk schedule appointments without leaving the Zendesk dashboard. Your team has access to each specialist’s real-time availability, so they can quickly confirm booking slots for customers.

Set up Zendesk appointment scheduling.

  1. In Setmore, navigate to Apps & Integrations > Zendesk and copy the Company Key provided.
  2. Log into Zendesk and select Settings > Apps Marketplace. Search for ‘Setmore Appointments’ and click ‘Install App’.
  3. Paste the Company Key in the box provided and hit ‘Install’. Just like that, your accounts are connected.

Need more details? Get step-by-step instructions on connecting Zendesk with Setmore >

Keep everyone in the loop.

When a customer has requested help, the last thing they want is to rejoin the queue. Set up automatic email or text reminders so both customers and staff make appointments on time.

Clients can even make booking changes online, decreasing missed appointments and allowing specialists to maximize their work hours.

Offer remote solutions.

Book Google Meet or Zoom video appointments from your Zendesk dashboard.

Video links are automatically added to booking confirmations for both clients and service providers. Enable your support team to engage global customers with just one click.

Increase your booking channels.

In addition to booking straight from Zendesk, your business can accept appointments from your website, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Make it simple for customers to seek support with 24/7 online self-booking. Improve their experience with zero wait times to confirm appointments.

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Get your Zendesk widget for appointment booking.


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