Setmore Mailchimp Integration

Revive Your MailChimp Campaign With Setmore

While the definition outlines it as imparting or exchanging information through different means, the significance of an everyday activity termed communication is highly regarded in all the realms of business. Businesses today invest heavily in customer engagements to build a good rapport with the clients and keep them notified of updates, works in the pipeline and everything else in between. Whatever the reason for your campaign shall be, Mailchimp is distinctly recognized in situations where your business newsletters and marketing emails reach the Inbox of your target group.

Setmore, your online appointment management system truncates the amount of time that you need to allocate in managing appointments of your business. Setmore provides you with a sturdy lineup of fantastic features that will walk you through the whole process of appointment booking and management methodically. With provisions to store all the contact information of a customer for quick and easy future retrieval, the Setmore-Mailchimp integration is the easiest way you can Kick-Start your email campaigns.

  • Let your marketing emails knock the Inbox of your customers.
  • Launch your campaign and start sending newsletters, product update emails and much more.
  • Auto-update your customer list every time a new customer books an appointment.
  • Import your existing customer list in few minutes.

Mail Away your Campaign Through Setmore

A new chimp is here at Setmore, all geared up to be integrated and send your marketing crusade up to the sky. All you have to do to get started with the Setmore-Mailchimp integration is to link your Setmore account to Mailchimp account. Import all your customer contact information to your active campaign and Voila! You can start sending emails within minutes. This integration reduces your efforts to add customer contacts manually to your campaign and eliminate the need for manually updating your customer list in the future too. Sending out mass emails could never get easier here at Setmore with the Setmore-Mailchimp integration.

Getting started with the Setmore-Mailchimp integration is elementary. Moreover, the support guide is available to help you along the way. So the chimp has arrived at Setmore, and you can tame it to assist you in accomplishing marvels to your business campaigning. Activate the Setmore-Mailchimp integration now, you’ve got loads to discover here.

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