Online doctor appointment scheduling software.

Increase efficiency, comply with HIPAA regulations, and keep patients at the heart of your practice.

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Ease scheduling pains with a doctor appointment booking app.

Empower your patients to book or reschedule appointments online 24/7. Reduce average booking time from 8+ minutes by phone* to just a few clicks. (*Accenture)

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  • Create your custom Booking Page

    Minimize the time it takes for patients to schedule an appointment. Enable easy online self-booking with your specialists.

  • Display availability for all staff

    Add individual profiles for your practice’s doctors. Direct patients to the appropriate consultant and streamline booking.

  • Minimize missed appointments

    Automate text and email reminders for every booking. Patients can also reschedule directly from their confirmations.

  • View your schedule on-the-go

    Stay updated when away from your clinic. Get instant notifications with the Setmore mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

  • Set up recurring follow-ups

    Establish full treatment plans and book multiple appointments in advance with your doctor appointment software.

  • Offer a modern medicine experience

    Book and host video appointments to reach patients where they’re comfortable. Your Setmore app connects with Teleport and Zoom.

Doctors ❤️ Setmore

  • 4.75/5 rating based on 749 reviews on Capterra.

  • 4.6/5 rating based on 233 reviews on Facebook.

  • Main Line Psychiatric

    Setmore makes my life worry free! With 24 hour coverage and calls that are transcribed, texted to me, and emailed to both the office and my assistant, my patients can reach me whenever they need me!

    Dr. Taliba Foster
  • $150bn.

    That’s what missed appointments cost the U.S. healthcare system a year.*

    Automatic appointment reminders help reduce costly no-shows. Maximize your in-practice hours with an online doctor appointment system.

    *SCI Solutions
  • This software has changed the way we do business.

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Doctor consulting virtually

Provide secure virtual medical consultations.

Meet with your patients online via telemedicine appointments. Discuss their concerns and establish treatment plans remotely, using Setmore’s Zoom or Teleport integrations. Your online doctor appointment booking system offers added privacy, enabling you to lock video calls when discussing sensitive patient data.

Store up-to-date patient information.

A patient’s Customer Profile automatically updates when they book an appointment. Centralize contact information and attach notes for fast access before appointments. Your online doctor scheduling app allows you to digitally back-up patient health records and treatment recommendations.

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patient paying medical fees online

Accept medical fees online.

Minimize invoicing time by integrating Setmore with Stripe , Square or PayPal. Your practice is able to accept secure online payments, directly from your Booking Page. Bill patients for consultations or treatments in advance with a convenient, contactless payment gateway.

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HIPAA-compliant doctor scheduling software.

Build trust in your services by ensuring your patients’ data remains secure. Your Setmore account comes with additional safeguarding and privacy tools.

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To access these features, you must sign a BAA between your company and Setmore. Learn more about Setmore health>

An easy-to-use appointment scheduling app for doctors.

  • Create your practice’s Booking Page

    Display your medical services online. Customize your Booking Page with your logo, contact details, reviews and more.

    Share specialists’ availability and let patients confirm their appointments in minutes.

  • Book appointments from your website

    Add a ‘Book Now’ button to your practice’s website. Enable new and existing patients to self-book right away, without needing to contact your office.

    Connect Setmore with Squarespace, WordPress and more.

  • Set up automatic appointment confirmations

    Attend to more patients while Setmore automates booking confirmations via email.

    Personalize alerts with important pre-appointment information so visitors come prepared.


  • Explore the features of Setmore’s different plans. You can sign up for a Free account and create 4 staff logins. Alternatively, our a Team account enables you to continue adding staff and offers exclusive tools like text reminders.

    We also offer a Setmore Health plan, which has extra security features to help your business stay HIPAA-compliant.

    Every Setmore account comes with a customizable Booking Page. Add your services, fees, staff profiles and company details, then customize its URL. When a patient accesses your Booking Page, they’re able to self-schedule an appointment with the relevant specialist. The details appear instantly in your Setmore calendar.

    Read our Booking Page set-up guide for more information.

  • Yes, your Booking Page has a custom URL and is discoverable in search engine results. It acts as an all-in-one online doctor appointment website. For a professional look, add your logo, branding, an Instagram stream and staff photos.

    Those on a Pro plan can also remove Setmore’s branding from their Booking Page.

    Explore how to personalize your doctor appointment booking website from Setmore.

  • Click an open spot in your calendar and the Appointment Details window will appear. Select a service type, service provider and patient. At this point, you can also process any fees.

    Save the appointment and your doctor appointment calendar will email the patient and service provider a booking confirmation.

    Learn more about booking, rescheduling and canceling appointments with Setmore.

  • If you’re a Free customer, you can activate the built-in Teleport video integration. This allows up to 4 participants a session and video meetings are lockable for extra security.

    Pro, Team and Setmore Health customers are also able to activate the Google Meet and Zoom integrations. The Zoom integration enables you to host virtual classes and larger group sessions.

    Read how to integrate your doctor appointment scheduling app with Teleport, Google Meet and Zoom.

  • After activating a video integration, your doctor appointment scheduler prompts you to select services that need video links. When one of these services is booked through your calendar or Booking Page, Setmore automatically adds a video link in staff and patient email confirmations.

    To learn how to get paid in advance for video-enabled services, activate Booking Page payments.

  • No, you can add as many team members as needed to a Setmore Pro account. Each staff profile has access to features, like 2-way Google Calendar sync and text reminders.

    By default, every staff login comes with an individual calendar and booking link. As an account admin, you can view all schedules and grant varying permissions.

    Learn more about managing your staff with online appointment software for doctors.

  • Setmore integrates with Square, Stripe and PayPal. Add a payment gateway to your Booking Page to get paid ahead of time.

    Open your Setmore app and navigate to Settings > Payments > Booking Page. Flip the toggle switch on. Below this switch, you have the option to make prepayment mandatory. Choosing ‘Mandatory’ means a customer’s booking will only be confirmed after payment is processed.

    For more details, read our article on requesting prepayment with your online doctor appointment software.

  • Yes, those with a Pro or Team account can add recurring appointments to their Setmore calendar. This is ideal for organizing follow-ups or keeping treatments on track for longer-term patients. Click an available spot in your calendar and in the Appointment Details window, tap the ‘Repeat’ menu. You’ll be able to choose how often the appointments repeats. Each appointment in a series automatically appears in your calendar.

    Learn more about setting up recurring sessions with your doctor appointment booking software.

  • Yes, if you have a Pro or Team account, text reminders are customizable. Setmore Health text reminders cannot be customized.

    To manage the details that are included in text reminders, head to Settings > Notifications > Customization. In the ‘SMS Notification’ section, specify the fields to include.

    Your online appointment system for doctors automates text reminders. To choose a lead time, go to Settings > Notifications > Customer. In the ‘Reminder Lead Time’ section, you can specify how far ahead texts are sent to patients.

  • Yes, you have the option to activate 1-way or 2-way Google Calendar sync. 2-way sync is exclusive to Pro, Team and Setmore Health accounts.

    Connecting your calendars optimizes online scheduling for doctors appointments. Setmore accounts for all of your events, helping to reduce double-booking.

    Explore the different options and set-up process for Google sync.

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