Scheduling Software for Pet Grooming and Dog Walking.

Clip away administrative tasks and choose a pet grooming appointment book of a different pedigree.

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Your all-in-one pet grooming appointment software.

Manage pet visits, grooming schedules and dog walks in one calendar effortlessly. Empower pet owners to book appointments online with just a few clicks.

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Pamper pets with your service and their owners with a smooth online booking experience.

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Keep your schedule on a leash.

Add your team members’ work hours, breaks and time-off for an accurate view of their availability 24/7. Dynamic scheduling ensures your customers see only available slots on your Booking Page.

Set up custom T&Cs to provide your customers with guidelines regarding rescheduling and safety prior to booking. If an appointment is canceled, the free slot appears immediately online for other pet owners.

Tiny details, happy paws.

Collect additional customer information through your Booking Page. Does their pet have extra fur or any allergies? Prep accordingly for upcoming appointments and give every visitor a five-star experience.

When you’re seeing multiple animals a day, pet grooming can get messy. Add buffer time to your services so you have a window to clean up for your next appointment.

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Your calendar goes where you go.

View and manage your schedule through the free Setmore app for Android and iOS devices. Stay connected with your clients when you’re walking dogs or making a home pet grooming visit.

Additionally, by adding customer locations in your staff’s booking alerts, they spend less time finding directions and more providing memorable experiences.

Discover easy and efficient pet grooming software.

Enhance your pet services business with powerful features that let you reach more clients, book more appointments and boost revenue. Now, that’s a good boy!

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