Export customer contacts to ServiceMinder.

Automatically sync new contact details from Setmore to your ServiceMinder account.

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  • Grow your ServiceMinder customer list

    Whenever an appointment is set through your Booking Page or calendar, the customer details are fired over to your preferred ServiceMinder list.

  • Wave goodbye to manual updates

    Your newest Setmore customer contacts automatically sync with your ServiceMinder list, so you can be confident your teams have access to up-to-date data.

  • Power-up your email marketing

    Push new contact details to your ServiceMinder drip campaigns and ensure your business stays connected with first-time customers and prospects.

Auto-sync customer details and save time.

ServiceMinder is a field service management (FSM) platform that enables businesses to manage their operations in one place. Activating the Setmore-ServiceMinder integration automatically exports your new customer contacts to your ServiceMinder account to your ServiceMinder account.

Keep accurate records for outreach and build your CRM database with every booking.

How to connect ServiceMinder with your booking system.

  1. In Setmore, head to Apps & Integrations > ServiceMinder and click ‘Activate’.
  2. Copy and paste your ServiceMinder API key into Setmore where prompted.
  3. Choose the target list in ServiceMinder where your new contacts should land.
  4. Map the data fields (e.g. name, email address) between Setmore and ServiceMinder to complete the integration.

Need full step-by-step instructions? Check out our ServiceMinder integration support guide.

It’s automatic.

The Setmore-ServiceMinder integration automates routine tasks like confirming appointments and updating your CRM lists.

Not only do customers have the power to self-book appointments 24/7, your booking system also sends out email confirmations, updates your calendar, and adds new contacts to your ServiceMinder customer database.

Stay connected.

Give your sales and marketing teams the best chance of success by ensuring they have relevant, updated customer data. No matter whether appointments are booked via your Booking Page, website, Instagram, emails or another online channel, all new contact details sync with ServiceMinder. Send targeted messaging and turn one-off customers into loyal fans.

Convert more leads.

Keep new prospects engaged after their initial consultation. Your Setmore contacts can be exported to any list you choose in ServiceMinder, allowing you to automate email follow-ups. Add leads to a drip campaign to ensure your service stays fresh in their minds and show them their custom matters.

One-time setup, no maintenance.

Save time updating your CRM database. Once activated, this integration instantly pulls new Setmore contacts into your chosen ServiceMinder list.

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