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Get Responsive Customer Engagement with Setmore + ServiceMinder

ServiceMinder is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) software that’s great for franchise owners, resellers, and more. It does everything from work orders, billing and invoicing, routing, marketing campaign management, you name it.

How it works with Setmore

The Setmore-ServiceMinder integration will automatically export any new customer contacts from your Setmore client list to your ServiceMinder account. This means your new customers who sign up for services via Setmore will be instantly available in ServiceMinder.

Providing better CRM through serviceminder integration with setmore
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Keep Your Business Informed with Connected Data

Setmore is your first point-of-contact with new customers. As your go-to solution for online appointment scheduling, Setmore allows you to promote your services and availability with a free online Booking Page. Customers and new leads can book appointments through your website or social media without having to call you.

By integrating Setmore with ServiceMinder, any time a new customer contact is created in Setmore, it will instantly flow to the client list of your choice in your ServiceMinder account. This means your sales, marketing, and customer success teams will always have the most up-to-date data when engaging your clients.

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Not Sure If This Is the Right Integration for Your Business?

The Setmore-ServiceMinder integration is an ideal fit for businesses who meet one or more of the following characteristics:

  • You use Setmore to intake new leads and clients.
  • You use ServiceMinder to manage your marketing and outreach campaigns.
  • You want to save time and money on manually transferring new contacts between your different apps.

Quick Setup, Zero Maintenance

This integration requires that you have an existing Setmore account and a ServiceMinder account. Before you begin, also check that your customer profile data fields are matching between both apps. (Hint: non-matching data fields will be excluded from any data transfers.)

  • Step 1: In Setmore, follow the activation prompts in the ServiceMinder integration card.
  • Step 2: Where prompted, copy/paste your API key from ServiceMinder into Setmore.
  • Step 3: Map the data fields (name, email address, etc.) from Setmore to ServiceMinder.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add new customer data fields in Setmore?

Yes. You can add new contact fields to the customer intake form by going to Settings > Booking Page > Booking Policies. Read the support article here for more information >

How do I retrieve my ServiceMinder API key?

In your ServiceMinder account, go to Administration > Control Panel > API Keys. Click Add to create a new key, and then select and copy the API key from the Key column.

Will Setmore automatically export all of my customer contacts?

No. Once activated, the integration will only export new customer contacts that you create from the Calendar, Customer list, or if the customer creates their own profile from the Booking Page. You can, however, export a spreadsheet of all your existing customers from the Customer tab. Click here to learn more >

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