Get paid upfront with PayPal for your booking system.

Empower your customers to book and pay for appointments online using Setmore and PayPal.

get paid with setmore paypal booking
  • Extra convenient payments

    Enable your customers to book and pay online in one go. All that’s left to do is show up.

  • No more chasing invoices

    Make prepayment mandatory to ensure that your customers commit to their bookings.

  • Recordkeeping made simple

    Keep tabs on revenue and billing, and export transaction data for streamlined accounting.

Why connect PayPal and appointment scheduling?

Offer your customers multiple payment options on your Booking Page—Venmo* and card—and boost checkout conversions by 46%1 with PayPal. You can also accept all major credit and debit card payments in person via your calendar.

By tailoring your booking system to accommodate 90 million people using Venmo, you have a powerful solution to convert more leads and increase loyalty.

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*Venmo payments are only available to US-based businesses.

How to enable your PayPal scheduling system.

  1. Open your Setmore web app and go to Integrations > PayPal.
  2. Click 'Connect' and log in with your PayPal details. This allows your accounts to share data.
  3. Setmore will display a 'PayPal connected' message. Click 'Okay’ to complete.

By default, Booking Page payments are optional. To make them mandatory, go to Settings > Payments > Booking Page. Learn more

Manage payments on the go.

Track transactions in real-time using your Setmore mobile app. No matter where your work takes you, you’re able to process payments and sync details to your account.

Not only that, but you receive instant in-app and email notifications when a customer pays for a booking online.

Take online deposits.

Use your PayPal appointment scheduling system to request part-payment before bookings are confirmed. You can set a specific amount or percentage in your preferred currency and make deposits mandatory.

Cut down no-shows while assuring customers that they have a spot in your calendar.

Add to your credibility.

71% of consumers are more likely to trust a brand if it provides their preferred way to pay – resulting in increased booking rates and reduced cart abandonment.

Convert more leads online by integrating your Booking Page with one of the world’s leading payment platforms.

1 Nielsen Behavioral Panel of USA with 29K SMB monthly average desktop purchase transactions, from 13K consumers between April 2022-March 2023. Nielsen Attitudinal Survey of USA (June 2023) with 2,001 recent purchasers (past 4 weeks) from SMB merchants, including 1,000 PayPal transactions & 1,001 non-PayPal transactions.

Save time with a seamless sync.

When payment is taken through your Booking Page, it’s logged in Setmore and PayPal simultaneously. Your customer receives a digital receipt instantly and you can even share transaction data to QuickBooks.

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