Get paid in advance with a PayPal booking system.

Upgrade to Setmore Premium or Pro and let customers pay for appointments online through PayPal.

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get paid with setmore paypal booking

Accept secure online payments with PayPal.

The Setmore-PayPal integration enables you to get paid online easily. Empower your customers to pay in advance through your Booking Page and process transactions straight from your Setmore calendar.

Customers can make contactless payments via PayPal, credit or debit card, and more.

Add PayPal to your appointment scheduling system.

In Setmore, head to Apps & Integrations.

  1. Under payment integrations, select PayPal > Activate.
  2. Sign in with your PayPal details to permit Setmore to connect.
  3. Go to Settings > Booking Page and switch on ‘Booking Page Payments’.

That’s all there is to it. For details, read our step-by-step guide on setting up PayPal payments >

Let customers pay with their PayPal wallet.

Skip the hassle of manual transactions and enable customers to pay digitally with their PayPal wallet balance. On your Booking Page, your customer selects a service and time, then has the option to pre-pay.

You can make this mandatory if you like. To pay for their appointment, they simply log into PayPal and confirm the amount.

Manage payments on-the-go.

The Setmore mobile app for iOS and Android allows you to track transactions wherever your work takes you. Appointment and payment details sync across devices and update in real-time.

When a customer schedules and pays online, your PayPal booking app notifies you instantly, in-app or via email.

Take online deposits for bookings.

Your PayPal scheduling app enables you to request and accept down payments to confirm appointments. Add a mandate to your Booking Page that requires customers to pay part of the service fee in order to reserve your time.

This helps reduce no-shows and increases your clients’ obligation to keep their bookings.

Revving up your appointment revenue.

Automate your payment process with the PayPal integration. Focus on providing memorable customer experiences, while Setmore confirms bookings and fires out receipts.

Accept PayPal now
Setmore paypal integration

Automate your payment system with Setmore.

Take payments from your custom Booking Page

Let your customers pay for your services online 24/7.

Access comprehensive payment histories

Export transaction and billing data for individual customers.

Accept payments for classes and events

Get paid for group sessions you book through Setmore.


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