Instagram Integration

Display your Instagram photos in your Setmore account.

Humans have always been on the quest to find ways to cherish their memories and they did discover a solution i.e, photographs. Combine social media, viral shares and photographs, the world possibly arrives at one name among many, INSTAGRAM. Being the proud owner of an Instagram account helps you to provide visual treats of your services to your enthusiastic fans. Now with another integration ticked off, we’ve managed to bridge Setmore and Instagram together so that your online appointment scheduler can get more appointments booked for your business.

Show your Instagram pictures in your Setmore profile

Setmore allows you to add cropped and edited Instagram pictures to your booking profile. Attract customers to your business through the camera clicks and let appointments be booked in your calendar just with a few extra mouse clicks. We’ve taken the concept of show and tell to a whole new level. Provide stunning pictures of your business to your customers, improve the aesthetics of your profile and let your customers get amazed to book and schedule appointments online or set up meetings with your business.

  • The integration process is really simple, there are no codes or tedious installation involved.
  • Share your business perspective through your creative shots.
  • Make your Setmore booking page visually attractive to get more appointments booked.
  • Let Setmore capture all your feeds through a personalized Hashtag term.

#Configure #Integrate #Complete

The prerequisites of the integration procedure involve two prime elements, a Setmore and an Instagram profile. Fill up the credentials of your Instagram profile and narrow down to a suitable Hashtag and you are good to go.

Now, let those beautiful photographs not just remain there waiting to be discovered, place them right where they belong and give them an additional purpose to accomplish. Obliterate the need to just add some random existing image to represent what business you run, let your clients get the images that you own. Let them witness the instant of the magic you create and allow it to create an impact to boost appointment scheduling.

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