Embed your Instagram feed on your Booking Page.

Personalize your Booking Page with a stream of your latest Instagram photos. Showcase what your business is all about.

instagram feed on booking page with setmore
  • Put your stamp on things

    Embed your Instagram gallery on your Booking Page and ensure visitors see fresh content front-and-center.

  • It's automatic

    Activating the Instagram feed widget takes minutes. Pick a hashtag and let Setmore pull in your most recent posts.

  • Showcase your brand

    Highlight your quality of service right at the point of booking. Encourage more customers to schedule an appointment.

Make your Instagram posts work harder.

A picture says a thousand words. Connect Setmore with Instagram and let your latest posts do the talking. Stream your snaps directly to your Booking Page and encourage more online traffic to become customers. Feature your facilities, staff in action, customer testimonials and more.

You can even accept bookings from Instagram >.

How to embed your Instagram feed.

  1. In your Setmore account, go to Apps & Integrations > Instagram Streaming.
  2. Click the 'Activate' button and a pop-up will appear. Enter your Instagram details to grant Setmore access to connect.
  3. Specify one or more hashtags and your Booking Page will stream photos that include them.
  4. View your Instagram feed in the 'Photos' section of your Booking Page.

Check out our illustrated guide on creating a snap-happy Booking Page >

Personalize the booking experience.

Empower customers to book appointments 24/7 through your online Booking Page. Adding your logo, contact details, customer reviews and Instagram stream helps build trust in your service.

At the point of booking, new visitors see photos of happy clients, your facilities, accreditations and more.

Simple set-up.

Activating your Instagram feed plugin takes a few clicks. After connecting your accounts, you can specify hashtags for Setmore to pull in particular posts automatically.

Customers don't have to search for your socials to learn more about your services or brand. It's all right there on your Booking Page.

Get booked from Instagram.

The powerful Instagram integration doesn't stop at streaming. Enable your profile visitors to schedule appointments right away, without having to contact you.

Connect your Booking Page with Instagram's 'Book Now' button and fill your calendar from your business page or individual posts.

Give your Booking Page visitors a full picture of your services, with an Instagram hashtag feed.

Stream your posts FREE
instagram hashtag feed booking page setmore

Take the filter off appointment scheduling. Accept bookings 24/7.


  • Can my Setmore Booking Page be used as my website?

    Yes! Your Booking Page can be used as a standalone website to offer info about your services and mission. Embedding your Instagram feed lets visitors see your business in action and gives them an extra nudge to book.

  • How many hashtags can I specify for my Instagram stream?

    Up to 10. For further details, read our step-by-step guide on how to embed an Instagram feed on your website from Setmore, read our step-by-step guide.

  • Does Setmore have an Instagram account?

    We sure do. Follow us at @setmore for updates on your app.

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