Setmore and Slack: Better Together

Get Instant Setmore Alerts in Your Slack Channel

Communication is the oil that keeps the engine of teamwork running smoothly. One communication app that’s gaining a lot of traction is Slack, which promotes team collaboration through instant messaging, file transfers, and more. With the Setmore-Slack integration, your team will never miss out on updates related to customer/client appointments. This integration pings your chosen Slack channel with automatic alerts from your Setmore account, whenever appointments are created or edited.

Get Alerts, Stay Notified

This integration allows you to stay notified of events and event changes on your Setmore calendar without interrupting the flow of communication in your organization. If you use Slack for mobile devices, you can also enable push notifications for quick updates on your lock screen.

We recommend dedicating a separate channel in Slack specifically for Setmore alerts, so you can find all updates in one place without interfering with other important conversations. You can also use this channel to alert members of your organization who don’t have a Setmore login.

Activating Setmore-Slack Integration

You can activate the the Setmore-Slack integration in a few simple steps. For this to work, you’ll need an active Slack account, and we recommend setting up an exclusive channel for Setmore updates.

  • From inside your Setmore account, go to Profile > Integrate > Slack, and click “Add to Slack.”
  • In the pop-up window, enter your Slack domain name and click Continue. Next enter your username and password and click Sign In.
  • Choose the channel where you would like to post Setmore updates, and click Authorize to complete the process.

We’re Here for You

Setmore Support is ready and able to answer your questions. First read this visual guide that will assist with integrating Setmore with your Slack account from our online help section.

Need additional help? Reach us through instant message from inside your account, by calling us at +1 (877) 407-3560, or by sending an email to

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