Slack appointment scheduling integration.

Let Setmore send you automatic appointment notifications in a dedicated Slack channel.

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Your all-in-one Slack calendar integration.

Slack is an instant messaging app that lets you chat, video call, share information and collaborate remotely with a team.

Link your Setmore calendar with Slack to receive automatic appointment updates to a designated Slack channel. No need to check their inboxes - your team members stay in the loop with a real-time feed.

Setting up your Slack scheduling integration.

  1. Log into Setmore and head to Apps & Integrations > Slack.
  2. Click ‘Activate’ and enter your Slack domain name in the pop-up.
  3. Provide your Slack login details to grant Setmore access and click ‘Sign In’.
  4. Choose the channel that’ll receive calendar updates and click ‘Authorize’ to complete.

For full instructions, check out our Setmore calendar-Slack integration guide

Automatic alerts sent straight to Slack.

Link your Setmore calendar with your chosen Slack channel to receive live booking updates. When appointments are added or rescheduled through your Booking Page, you get an instant heads-up.

Keep yourself organized or add your whole team to the activity stream. The Setmore calendar integration for Slack helps everyone stay informed about new bookings, internal meetings and more, without having to email.

Assigning appointments made easy.

For teams that share one Booking Page, the Setmore-Slack meeting scheduler streamlines staff management.

Create a team Slack channel that all appointment updates fire into. Delegate new bookings to the right staff members there and then, without needing to switch between apps.

Take charge of your working hours.

Are there times you or your team aren’t available for appointments? Block out time in your calendar using ‘Events’. Your customers can only reserve free slots on your Booking Page, cutting down on last-minute rescheduling.

Avoid calendar conflicts and sync your schedule across desktop, tablet and mobile.

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A free, flexible calendar for Slack and so much more.

Activate your Slack-calendar app integration

Receive notifications from Setmore on new, rescheduled or canceled appointments in a dedicated Slack channel.

Sync your Setmore and Google calendars

Aligning your professional and personal events helps reduce double-booking. Learn how to set up Google 2-way sync.

Book and host Teleport video appointments

Automatically add video call links to your booking confirmations and meet your team and customers online.


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