Add appointments from Gmail to your calendar.

Reduce the back-and-forth by booking appointments straight from your inbox. Connect Setmore and Gmail now.

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  • Booking from Gmail made easy.

    Cut down the time it takes to confirm appointments from your emails. It’s easy to find a booking slot that suits when you can check your availability without switching apps.

  • Confirm a time then and there.

    When a client suggests a meeting time over email, you can cross-check it with your schedule immediately. Does it work for you? Awesome, add your booking in seconds.

  • So long, double-booking.

    Activate your free scheduling plugin from Setmore and view your real-time availability in Gmail. Set appointments from your inbox on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Your calendar add-on @ the ready.

Respond to booking queries faster with the Setmore and Gmail appointment scheduler. Your schedule is available at the click of a button, right within the Gmail dashboard.

Whether you’re writing a new email or replying to a request, you can look up your available time slots without opening a separate calendar.

Set up your Gmail booking system.

The Gmail booking plugin from Setmore is hosted in the GSuite Marketplace. To install it, log into your Gmail account

  1. In Gmail, go to Settings (gear icon) > Get add-ons
  2. Search for ‘Setmore’ in the GSuite Marketplace and click ‘Install’.
  3. Grant Setmore permission to connect and you’re done.

Ready to add an appointment to your calendar? Open your Gmail side-panel in the bottom-right corner and select the Setmore icon

Get full step-by-step instructions in our Gmail integration guide >

Show prospects their custom matters.

When it comes to appointment-based businesses, time is money. You want to engage potential customers as soon as they reach out.

With the Setmore-Gmail calendar booking system, there’s no need to check multiple apps or a paper diary to find a meeting time. View your availability in Gmail, respond quickly and gain an edge on your competition.

Automate booking, save time.

When a customer requests an appointment by email, your Gmail calendar add-on pulls the date and time into a booking form. Simply specify the staff member they’ll meet with and confirm the customer’s details to complete.

The booking instantly appears on your calendar and Setmore fires out automatic confirmations and reminders to both of you.

24/7 online appointment scheduling through Gmail.

Add a sleek booking button to your email signature. Customers can self-book and pay for appointments online, anytime. Forget about long email threads and make scheduling convenient for everyone.

Your Booking Page connects with your website, Facebook and Instagram, enabling you to reach a global customer base.

70% of customers prefer to book online. (GetApp) Give the people what they want with a custom Booking Page.

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Scheduling meetings in Gmail is just the start.


  • I installed the Gmail booking calendar add-on, but where is it?

    The Setmore-Gmail add-on can be found in your Gmail side-panel, which appears in the right-hand corner of your inbox.

  • How do I make Google events appear on my Setmore calendar?

    You may be interested in Google Calendar 2-way sync, which is available with a Setmore Pro or Team account. This integration automatically imports Google events into your Setmore calendar and vice versa.

  • How do I uninstall add-ons from my Gmail account?

    In your Gmail inbox, click the gear icon in the top right corner and select Settings > Add-ons > Manage. Click the three vertical dots next to any add-on and click ‘Remove’.

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