Class Scheduling

Setmore doubles up as your online class scheduling software. Book classes with unlimited attendees easily.

Has it been frustrating to find a class booking app in the market that meets the requirements of your business? Well, search no more, Setmore is the perfect online appointment management and scheduling system that thousands of businesses have partnered with over the years. Now, Setmore also features class scheduling so that you can book and manage workshops with multiple attendees.

Setmore: Premiere Online Class Scheduling Software

Classes in Setmore deliver the same set of features and benefits, similar to how Setmore handles regular one-on-one appointments. This means you can:

  • Book any number of sessions over time for a single class.
  • Book recurring classes at one go on the calendar page. (Premium)
  • Send notification emails to your staff when the session or its attendee is edited.
  • Send notification emails to your customer when the session is updated or modified.
  • Accept payments from an attendee from the calendar or booking page for classes via Stripe Payments. (Premium)

How Classes Work in Setmore

Setmore’s class booking feature is simple to grasp. First, create a class. This is the skeletal structure where you configure the cost, duration and how many customers you can accommodate in a session. Next, you’ll create sessions for the classes. Sessions are the appointments for the classes that reflect in the calendar page and the booking page of your Setmore account. Once a session is created, you can either add an attendee manually on the calendar page or enable customers to book a session from the online booking page.

We Love Helping Businesses Grow

To explore the world of class booking in Setmore, you can read the help articles for creating sessions and adding attendees on the calendar page, how your customers can book slots in a session from the booking page and how to set up recurring classes.

You can also opt to receive live assistance from Setmore’s support staff, who are available around the clock, by initiating a chat from inside your Setmore account, calling us at +1 (877) 407-3560, or emailing us at

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