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Class Booking

Versatile Class Booking, Just Setup and Go

Booking classes in Setmore is super easy and effective. Create a class, set the duration, cost, and available seats. Choose a host or service provider, then plot your class sessions on your calendar. Now customers can book their own attendance online, through your Setmore Booking Page, without you having to do anything! You’ll get notified by email whenever a new attendee signs up, and customers will get a reminder email before their next class.

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Support Hundreds of Students

Create and advertise a class session with hundreds of open seats, helping you bring in more students or customers. There’s no upper limit to the number of seats in any class, and you can link customers directly to your class booking roster from your website or social media. Direct new customers to sign up for a class and keep them coming back!

Manage Payments for Attendance

With the free version of Setmore, you can manage cash transactions per attendee in each class roster. Tie payment data to the class history and always have a record of who paid and who still owes you. And you can apply discounts, additional charges, or refunds as needed.

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With Setmore Premium, you can take this a step further by processing credit or debit card payments for attendance. The Stripe integration lets you take card payments online, and benefit from all of Setmore’s internal record-keeping tools to track payment info. You can even require students to pay for their attendance online, from your Booking Page, when they sign up.

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Create Recurring Classes Easily

Now available with Setmore Premium, create an entire year’s worth of classes in just a few clicks. First create the class and schedule sessions as normal. When prompted to choose the date and time of the session, an additional option will appear to make the session recurring. Simply activate, then choose the interval of recurrence - either daily, weekly, or monthly. Note that weekly recurrence will allow you to choose the days of the week as well.

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