AnswerConnect Setmore Integration

Did you know 30% of the customers call up businesses outside their operating hours? By servicing this 30%, you can have an overwhelmingly positive effect on your client satisfaction. The pressing needs of customers are boundless by time. Well, that is not too much to ask for in this era of technical advancement. Irrespective of the dimensions of your business, your availability matters, a lot. Here comes AnswerConnect to your rescue to become the voice of your business, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. AnswerConnect gives you the confidence to make sure your business runs even while you are asleep.

To make sure you do not miss on any imaginable essentials of your callers, AnswerConnect now integrates with Setmore - a simple but powerful online appointment scheduling software that makes booking and managing appointments swift and seamless.

We have a specially trained team to help businesses set up appointments correctly and competently. Our helpful and courteous support associates know every in and out of Setmore and can navigate smoothly and efficiently to help your customers. Our associates are also open to extending their support if there are requests from the clients other than appointment settings. Yes, we handle and manage all sort of calls, efficiently and adequately.

With Setmore, your clients can book appointments with you 24*7. Dealing with your staff and administration is as simple as collecting payments online. As our testament to strive for perfection, we remind your customers with a straightforward SMS reminder on upcoming appointments and cut down your worries of no-shows by half.

With the wide variety of possible customizations, Setmore even more conveniently adapts to every business model complementing unique styles of business administration.

Setmore and AnswerConnect - the terrific duo is what your business needs to serve your customers when you are away, sharing a dose of your vision.

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