Setmore Zapier Integration

Establish a connection between Setmore and other Apps

Automation has been in vogue for a long time, and the trend continues even today. From vending machines to mega-size factories, this little marvel has been incorporated into different aspects of production to minimize the necessity of human intervention. When automation in the physical world has escalated productivity and simplified our jobs, automation in the digital world could do wonders. One such application that automates the transfer of data between two independent applications is Zapier. Zapier has catered to many customers especially those who are not entirely familiar with the technology to transfer data between any two application.

Setmore, is an online appointment scheduling application which helps you take on the colossal task of appointment scheduling through simple and powerful means. Setmore stays by you right from the moment of appointment scheduling and proceeds on to manage the facets of an appointment long after its completion. Setmore also integrates automation in appointment reminders and notifications. To up the ante, we’ve zapped up Setmore to pave the way for the Setmore-Zapier integration.

  • Connect Setmore to any Zapier compatible app.
  • Enable automated Data movement from any application to Setmore.
  • Conceptualize the event during which you would like the data to commute between the applications.
  • Apps are just a Zap away from Setmore.

Apps are now a Zap away

With Zapier, connecting Setmore to other Apps has become as easy as ABC. All you need to do is to create Zaps for your favorite applications to get them connected with Setmore in no time. What's more, you can even define the information chunks that you want to interchange between the Apps. It could be anything from adding the contact detail of the customer to your Google contacts when a new customer is created in Setmore or vice versa, all you need is a Zapier account and a Zap to make it possible. Although, possibilities are endless.

Don’t just waste time doing things manually when you have the provisions to automate your tasks. Save more time by overhauling the manual process of transferring data from Setmore to other applications or vice versa. With the Setmore-Zapier integration, discover more time focusing on what you do the best. Follow our help guide to connecting Setmore to Zapier. It is fast, simple and powerful.

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