Connect Setmore to your favorite apps with Zapier.

Set up triggers to export appointment and contact details from Setmore to third-party apps, and vice versa.

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  • Automate daily tasks

    Connect multiple third-party platforms to Setmore using Zapier, and cut down on manual processes and data transfer.

  • Bring your apps together

    Custom triggers (aka Zaps) link Setmore to 3000+ CRM, marketing, productivity and other business apps.

  • Easy, reliable data sync

    The Setmore-Zapier integration is instant. Activate it and let data move freely between your apps.

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Your flexible, free Zapier booking system.

Zapier allows you to connect a range of apps and create custom triggers that automate your work. Send appointment and customer details to and from Setmore, saving time on manual data input.

Your apps share and sync info in the background so you can focus on delivering memorable customer experiences.

Link Zapier with your scheduling app.

  1. Open Zapier to manage your Zaps.
  2. Under ‘My Apps’, search for Setmore and provide your login details to connect your apps.
  3. Set up custom triggers and actions to link Setmore with other apps of your choosing.

Need a little more detail? Check out our illustrated guide to the Zapier-appointment scheduling integration >

Reliable data transfer.

Your Setmore calendar stores all of your booking details, including customer contact information. When a new customer books in, you can digitally export their to third-party CRM, marketing, sales or accounting tools using Zapier.

Align contact fields between your apps and let your data sync run like clockwork.

Email marketing simplified.

The Zapier calendar integration is all about software symbiosis. Sync new Setmore contacts straight to your email lists and stay connected long past the first booking. Each time an appointment is added to your calendar or Booking Page, your subscriber list grows. Boost engagement with your business by sending relevant, targeted offers to your newest fans.

Did you know? Your Setmore app also integrates directly with Mailchimp, MailerLite, and Constant Contact.

Keep tabs on your finances.

Spend less time on routine revenue checks and maximize your bookable hours. Zapping Setmore with Wave helps you map business expenses, automate employee payroll, track online transactions, issue invoices, and more.

Decrease manual input errors and access a comprehensive, organized view of your accounts for tax season.

Hello, hassle-free automation.

Set up custom triggers online to automate scheduling, customer communications, marketing and payroll. Connect Setmore with Zapier now.

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