Automotive scheduling software.

Focus on tune-ups and tire pressure, while your car service appointment app takes care of your calendar.

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Get bumper-to-bumper bookings with auto shop scheduling software.

Calling all auto service centers, mechanic shops, car washes and dealerships. Sync your calendar across devices and manage your team's workload from Anywhere.

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Get booking updates on mobile with automotive repair scheduling software.

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Crank up your body shop's bookings.

Personalize your online Booking Page with your motor services, company branding and T&Cs. Share your real-time availability and create a sleek and speedy self-booking experience.

By linking your Booking Page with your website, Facebook and Instagram, you can leverage all of your online traffic. With no need for customers to contact you, automotive scheduling software saves time, money and energy.

Booking confirmations on cruise control.

What happens when you're in the middle of an oil change and the phone rings? It's not ideal, but if you don't pick up, it could cost you a customer. Automate your booking process and reduce interruptions with an appointment scheduling app for auto mechanics.

When your customer schedules a service online, you both automatically receive a booking confirmation. Not only that, Setmore sends out customized email or text reminders to cut down on missed appointments.

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Fuel return visits with enhanced customer service.

Whether a client chooses you for routine maintenance, a repair or detailing, you want to show them their business matters. Use your automotive scheduling software's Customer Profiles to send targeted marketing campaigns.

Connect Setmore with Mailchimp or MailerLite to email your customers exclusive offers, prompt them to book a yearly service, and more. Increase engagement with your brand and turn one-off visitors into loyal patrons.

Flexible and efficient auto shop staff scheduling.

If you run one or a chain of busy service centers, you know the value of organization to customer retention. Create Staff Logins using your auto repair scheduling software and allow your team to manage their own calendars.

Monitor bookings across locations, assign repair jobs to specialists and track time-off. Your team members can even block out time for training and breaks, so you have a full, updated view of everyone's availability.

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Your automotive scheduler is a well-oiled machine.

Being without their car, truck or motorcycle can be stressful for your customers. Simplify the booking experience and eliminate wait times, with free online scheduling software for auto businesses.

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