Track engagement on your Booking Page.

Connect Google Analytics to gain valuable insights about your Booking Page traffic.

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  • Easy set-up, limitless knowledge

    Add a Google Analytics measurement ID to your Booking Page and access comprehensive usage data.

  • Build stronger strategies

    Access in-depth demographic and behavior data to direct your marketing towards high-value users.

  • Specific data, sharp results

    Use interest metrics to nurture your relationships and transform visitors into new customers.

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Track, tailor and thrive.

Google Analytics enables you to understand your Booking Page traffic on a deeper level. Discover where visitors are routed from, how long they spend browsing, the percentage of traffic that books appointments and much more.

With wide-ranging and up-to-date data, you can further tailor the online booking experience and your marketing efforts.

Add a measurement ID to your Booking Page.

  1. Log into Google Analytics and follow this support article to find and copy your measurement ID.
  2. Open your Setmore app and head to Integrations > Google Analytics. Paste the ID in the form field provided.
  3. Click ‘Update’. A message will confirm that the ID was saved.

After connecting your accounts, you can access Booking Page data in Google Analytics. Simply head to Realtime > Events.

Create detailed customer personas.

Use Google Analytics to gather specific information about what visitors do when they open your Booking Page. You can automate reports on visitor count within a time frame, what elements of your Booking Page are clicked, how many visitors complete booking and more.

By pairing this with demographic data, you’re able to build customer profiles for targeted marketing campaigns.

Set up in no time.

When you add a measurement ID to your Booking Page, Google Analytics starts collecting information right away. Log in at any time to see how your Booking Page is performing, and whether edits have led to increased engagement and bookings.

A one-time implementation helps your business become more competitive. Learn more about the data you can track to level-up online booking.

Explore a range of data metrics to enhance customer experience and increase bookings.

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  • What types of data can I access by adding a measurement ID to my Booking Page?

    Google provides a full list of data that can be collected here. The Google Analytics integration provides countless insights without revealing any personally-identifiable details.

  • Will this integration collect data for my website as well?

    No, but Google Analytics allows you to generate multiple measurement IDs. You can add another ID to your business website to track engagement on individual pages.

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