Track engagement with your Booking Page using Google Analytics.

Connect Google Analytics with your Booking Page and gain customer insights to help your business grow.

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Google Analytics allows you to understand your online audience on a deeper level. Integrate Setmore with GA to reveal how much of your Booking Page traffic is turning into new appointments, what type of visitors are interested in your services, what platforms they were routed from, and much more.

Utilize data to inform your marketing efforts and target the right prospects.

Add Google Analytics to your Booking Page.

You can integrate Google Analytics with your Setmore Booking Page in 3 simple steps:

1 Create your Google Analytics account, add your Booking Page details, and click the 'Get Tracking ID' button.

2 Log into Setmore and head to Apps & Integrations.

3 Select Google Analytics and input the tracking ID where prompted. After that, you're set to track the performance of your Booking Page.

Create detailed customer personas.

Use GA to gather specific information about your Booking Page's visitors. Automate reports about how long customers spend on your page, what elements of your page they interact with, visitor volume within a time frame, and more.

Pair this with demographic data to build customer profiles that inform your marketing.

Set up in no time.

Setting up the Setmore-Google Analytics integration is straightforward. The plugin starts collecting information on user behavior right away.

All you need to do is add the GA tracking code to your Booking Page and check your Google Analytics account for incoming data. Here's an illustrated step-by-step guide to help you start >

Explore a range of behavior, engagement and interest data metrics to engage high-value customers.

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Personalize customer experience with powerhouse integrations.

Connect Setmore and Google Analytics

Use the Google Analytics integration to discover how your customers and leads are interacting with your Booking Page. Here's how to begin.

Enhance your tracking with Google Tag Manager

Looking for even more Booking Page insights? Connect Setmore with Google Tag Manager to monitor page views, clicks and scroll activity.

Personalize Teleport calls with customers

Add unique branding to your Teleport video calls. Your waiting and meeting rooms can feature your logo, team photos and more.


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