Google Analytics for Your Booking Page

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Customer behavior and market trends have a significant impact on how any business works. Businesses don’t think twice when it comes to devoting time and attention to measuring these patterns. Google’s suite of applications has revolutionized our lives both on the personal and professional front. One such application is Google Analytics, a free online software that has helped both amateurs and professionals all over the world by offering detailed performance metrics of any website. Google analytics is trusted by countless businesses and now you can join their ranks with the Setmore-Google Analytics integration. Once enabled, this integration allows you to measure and analyze the performance of your online booking page.

Inform your business practices

Appointments booked in Setmore collect their own set of customer details, such as email address or phone number. But sometimes you wish you had a mechanism to generate more relevant, demographic customer information. That’s where the Google Analytics integration helps you understand your customers better. By applying conditions via filters, you can generate reports that help you identify the number of visitors to your booking page, as well as graphical representations of your customers with respect to age, gender, location and more.

With Google Analytics providing accurate data, you can take the guesswork out of your marketing and business outreach campaigns. Analyze the time your customers spend on your booking page and the percentage of new users it attracts. If you have integrated the Setmore booking page with your website and Facebook fanpage, you can now see the fraction of customers who booked appointments from these sources. Setting up this integration is easy and doesn’t require a Setmore Premium subscription to activate.

Activating the Google Analytics integration

For this integration, you’ll need an active account in Google (Gmail works fine). Once the integration is enabled, you can start tracking metrics and performance data from your booking page.

  • Log in to your Google Analytics account, navigate to Admin > Property Settings > Tracking Info > Tracking Code, and generate a tracking ID for your Setmore booking page.
  • Log in to your Setmore account and go to Profile > Integrate > Google Analytics.
  • Paste the tracking ID in the Google Analytics tracking box and click anywhere outside the box to save your changes.

Help is available day and night

A team of Setmore-savvy experts are here to help you anytime. First, read this google analytics support article on how to integrate Google Analytics to your Setmore booking page.

For additional help, you can contact us via instant message from inside your account, by phone at +1 (877) 407-3560, or by sending an email to

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