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Track Customer Clicks on Your Booking Page with Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides detailed reporting for user behavior across your websites. Learn key demographic information about your most frequent online visitors, and behavior patterns such as time-on-site, bounce and conversion rates, and more.

How it works with Setmore

Track engagement and user behavior on your Setmore Booking Page to better understand how much web traffic is turning into new appointments. Simply create a Google Analytics account and plug your tracking code into Setmore to get started.

Google Analytics audience overview page
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Plug In Your Tracking Code for Appointment Insights

This integration allows you to easily add a Google Analytics tracking code to your Booking Page through the Setmore admin dashboard. Once added, the code will send online click and behavior data to your Google Analytics account. You’ll be able to see how many visitors come to your Booking Page, how long they stay, where they came from, and where on the Booking Page they go.

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Make Better Decisions with Customer Demographics

Google Analytics gives you access to specific information about the types of customers who visit your Booking Page, so you’ll have a better idea of who you’re reaching online. You’ll be able to see the age range, gender, and affinities or interests of your user base. With this information, you can see if your ad campaigns and marketing emails are attracting the right people to your website, or if you need to change up your strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of data will I have access to by adding a tracking code to my Booking Page?

In addition to seeing how many users visit your Booking Page and how long they stay there, Google also provides an exhaustive dataset of your online visitors, but it does so without revealing any personally identifiable information about them.

So you'll get to see what percentage of technophiles or sports enthusiasts (for example) come to your website, but you won’t see their names, phone numbers, or email addresses. Most of this data is represented visually with line graphs plotted over time, allowing you to see at-a-glance how your Booking Page is performing. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but you can find more information on the Google Analytics website.

Will this show me data for my primary business website as well?

No. Google allows you to generate multiple analytics tracking codes, however, so you should also plug one in for your primary business website. It's fairly easy to do this – Google will give you a snippet of code, and you'll just paste it into the header of each webpage you want to track.

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