Sync customer details to Agile CRM.

Automatically create a contact in Agile CRM when a new customer is added to Setmore.

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  • Simple sync, no coding

    Connect your apps to send new and updated customer details to Agile CRM. All you need to do is enable the integration – it takes only minutes.

  • Automation FTW

    Don't waste time moving customer details from one app to another. This integration automatically creates and updates contacts in Agile CRM.

  • Keep customers engaged

    Boost return visits and loyalty by syncing new customers to a tailored sales and marketing funnel. So long, manual updates.


Engage with customers from their first booking.

When new customer details are collected through Setmore, this integration creates a contact, or updates an existing contact, in Agile CRM. The sync works in real-time and enables you to save countless bookable hours.

Reduce human error with seamless automation and build stronger connections by adding your latest customers to tailored email campaigns.

How to connect Setmore to Agile CRM.

  1. Open this template, click 'Connect Agile CRM + Setmore Appointments' and log into Zapier.
  2. Click 'Connect a new account' and log into Setmore.
  3. Click 'Connect' and log into your Agile CRM account.
  4. In a new tab, open Agile CRM and copy your API key from ‘Admin Settings’. Then, paste the API key where prompted in Zapier.
  5. Select the types of customer details to transfer from Setmore to Agile CRM, like name and email.
  6. Test to ensure data syncs correctly and click 'Turn on Zap'.

For more information about connecting Setmore to Agile CRM, visit Zapier.

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