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Schedule appointments and video meetings with your customers in Freshdesk

Freshdesk streamlines all your customer conversations, houses them in one place and empowers your helpdesk team to provide stellar service. The app also offers advanced features to automate helpdesk responses, track ticket status, and predict customer satisfaction ratings.

How it works with Setmore

Add the Setmore plugin to Freshdesk and enable your helpdesk agents to book appointments as they respond to support tickets. Your agents can book virtual meetings, resolve more tickets and deliver an excellent customer experience, all without leaving the Freshdesk app.

Linking freshdesk with setmore for booking integration

More power to the Freshdesk interface

Whether your team tackles tickets or engages with new leads, the Setmore-Freshdesk integration makes booking appointments so much easier. Cut down on the effort to find an appointment time that suits team members and customers with your personalised Booking Page. The pick-and-book system lists the services offered by each staff member, along with their available time slots.

By adding staff working hours, breaks and time-off, there’s no more ambiguity when it comes to availability. Free booking slots are automatically updated so helpdesk agents can book service appointments for your customers instantly.

Turn tickets into experiences

Adding appointment-setting capabilities to your Freshdesk account makes it straightforward for your team and customers to connect. Your business can also further personalise how your customers’ issues are resolved. Integrate with Teleport or Zoom and automatically add a video meeting link to your customer appointments. Your team provides face-to-face support at a given time, saving everyone from back-and-forth emails to solve problems.

With Setmore, send automatic booking confirmations that include meeting URLs to both your staff and customers. Automate email reminders to reduce appointment no-shows and ensure everyone has up-to-date meeting info.

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Add appointment booking to Freshdesk easily

One quick copy-and-paste is all that’s needed to bring your Setmore Booking Page to Freshdesk.

  • Step 1: Go to Apps & Integrations > Freshdesk and copy the API key.
  • Step 2: In the Freshdesk Apps Marketplace, search for ‘Setmore Appointments’ and install the app.
  • Step 3: During installation, you will be prompted to enter the Setmore API key that you copied earlier. Paste in the key to complete the integration.

For a full integration guide complete with screenshots, check out our support article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will appointments booked by agents appear on my calendar?

Yes. Your agents will schedule appointments via the Setmore Booking Page - which is embedded in your plugin - as they interact with your customers. These appointments will then appear on your calendar.

Can I delete or update services and staff members using the Setmore plugin?

No. The Setmore plugin will display only the Booking Page that agents can use to schedule appointments. To edit services or staff profiles, you will have to log into the Setmore web or mobile app.

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