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Get your free Squarespace calendar plugin.

Empower your website visitors to self-book appointments 24/7, straight from your Squarespace site.

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free squarespace calender plugin

Squarespace appointment booking made simple.

Each new visitor to your site is a potential customer. Turn browsing into bookings with the Setmore and Squarespace scheduling plugin. Back-and-forth calls become a distant memory as your audience can confirm appointments online.

Feature a sleek ‘Book Now’ button that leads visitors to schedule and pay in just a few clicks.

Set up your Squarespace booking system.

Follow these steps to add appointment booking to your Squarespace site:

  1. In your Setmore web app, go to Apps & Integrations > Squarespace.
  2. Copy the auto-generated snippet of code provided.
  3. Open your Squarespace website builder and click ‘Edit’. Choose the section to place your button.
  4. Click the ‘+’ icon and select ‘Code’ from the pop-up.
  5. Paste the code from earlier and your booking button appears. Drag and drop it into position and hit ‘Save’.

Read our full illustrated guide on the Setmore-Squarespace integration >

Get booked and paid online.

Connect your branded Booking Page with your Squarespace site. When your site visitor clicks the ‘Book Now’ button, they see your service list, availability, Instagram stream, customer reviews and more.

Want to spend less time chasing invoices? Accept online payments for appointments directly from your Booking Page.

Customize your Squarespace booking plugin.

The plugin code provided by Setmore is editable. Lead customers to booking particular services on different pages of your site. Where your Booking Page link appears, simply replace it with the service or class booking link of your choice. You can also display your Booking Page in multiple languages.

Automate administrative tasks.

When an appointment or class is booked through your Squarespace site, Setmore sends you and your customer an automatic confirmation.

On the lead-up to each session, both of you also receive custom email reminders. Spend more time providing memorable experiences, while your app keeps everyone in the loop.

Capitalize on your web traffic with a free Squarespace appointment booking system.

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Get the most out of your all-in-one scheduling app.

How to set up your Squarespace calendar widget

Connect Setmore with your Squarespace website and allow visitors to book appointments with your business 24/7.

Take secure card payments from your Booking Page

Enable your customers to schedule and pay for sessions online. Get paid by credit and debit card with the Square and Stripe integrations.

Personalize your customers’ email notifications

Add appointment details and let customers reschedule or cancel bookings online, straight from their inbox.


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