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How To Ensure Your Business’s Online Security is Secure Enough

Owning and operating a business carries with it all kinds of responsibilities. While much attention is paid to the financial end of things, the operations end of the business is just as important. One challenge that’s facing all business owners… Continue Reading →

Setmore Impossible – Scheduling Hacks Volume 3

Getting your software to do what you want it to shouldn’t be as difficult as climbing the Burj Khalifa. Luckily for you, Setmore is super flexible and lets you channel your inner Ethan Hunt to customize a solution for virtually… Continue Reading →

Setmore Ranked 3rd Best Software in User Friendly Category

“Setmore ranked #3 overall because they received a perfect score for training and support features all while having a clear, concise user interface.” – Rachel Wille, Senior Product Research Analyst Capterra, a salon scheduling software research site Why all the… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Day-to-Day Learning for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about revenues, incomes and new projects. You have to develop a particular lifestyle if you want to stand out from the crowd in your field of work. In line with that, an average work day of a… Continue Reading →

Setmore Story: Kevv, The Barber’s Table

What makes Setmore great are the people who use it. Case-in-point: Kevv the barber (@thebarberstable) from Michigan. Kevv put himself through college while building his business and his personal brand from scratch. On top of this he’s pulling in tons… Continue Reading →

Ready, Set, Go: Setmore v2.0 for Android

The wait is over: Setmore version 2.0 for Android is now a reality. Version 2.0 features a sleek new interface, rebuilt from scratch to be more intuitive and effortless to navigate. You can also create new appointments, staff, services, and… Continue Reading →

Start Your Engines: Setmore iOS Version 2.0

We are pleased to announce the next iteration of the Setmore iOS app for iPhone! Version 2.0 features an all new design, quick action menus for an improved user experience, and faster appointment creation. Click the button below to download… Continue Reading →

Reward Customers With Experiences, Not Just Discounts (Infographic)

In the past, Setmore has touched on the topic of rewarding customers. Of course, the most obvious way to do is to offer discounts on future purchases. Customers are always looking for ways to save money, but the reality is… Continue Reading →

Now Buzzing: Drone Reminders

A recent user survey shows that the biggest hurdle to business growth is customers not showing up for their appointments. People are forgetful, and they need a helping hand. Right now text reminders are a great way to help minimize… Continue Reading →

Feature Focus: Book Appointments from Your Facebook Page

Facebook isn’t just for killing time and keeping in touch with distant friends. As a tool to help promote your business, it offers all the advantages of a standalone website, plus built-in content sharing tools. You can also empower your… Continue Reading →

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