Add Appointment Scheduling to Your Website

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Add the "Book Appointment" Button to Your Website

Setmore makes it super easy to add a "Book Appointment" button to your website that links to your online Booking Page, and it only requires minimal coding experience. Whether you have direct access to your website’s HTML, or use a website builder, Setmore gives you copy-and-paste-ready code that you can deploy in just a few clicks.

This capability is super important to help influence customers right when they’re most interested in your services, usually fresh off of a Google search and right when they land on your website for the first time. By giving them a route to book an appointment immediately, without having to make a phone call, you’ll nudge them in the right direction to becoming lifelong customers.

Embed Your Appointment Booking Page

As an alternative to creating a "Book Appointment" button, you can also embed your Setmore Booking Page directly on your website using an iframe. We build your Booking Page with a mobile-responsive design, so it will automatically resize to fit the viewing screen or iframe width of your choice. This means you get more flexible options for making your Booking Page look precisely the way you want it.

Click here to learn more about embedding your Booking Page in an iframe >

Customize Your Appointment Booking Page

Setmore offers numerous options for customizing the appearance of your Booking Page, as well as creating outbound links to your social media accounts and other websites. At the very least, you’ll want to upload a logo and enter your business’s name so your customers know they’re scheduling an appointment with the right business!

Use a Website Builder? We Got You Covered

Setmore offers multiple integrations for deploying your online Booking Page to your website, if you use a website builder. See the list below and click the link for your preferred builder to learn more:

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