Import contacts into Insightly automatically.

Sync customer contact details from Setmore to your Insightly CRM database.

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Build your customer database with every new booking.

Insightly is a CRM platform that helps you produce data-driven brand experiences. Activate the Setmore-Insightly integration and let your contacts sync in the background. Customer details for each new appointment are automatically exported to Insightly.

Add new customers to your email campaigns and keep them engaged after their first booking.

Connect your calendar with Insightly, import contacts instantly.

  1. Log into Insightly and navigate to Profile > User Settings > API Key. Copy your API key.
  2. In Setmore, head to Apps & Integrations > Insightly and click ‘Activate’.
  3. Paste the API key where prompted, then select ‘Continue’.
  4. Choose ‘Contacts’ as the setup trigger and Insightly as the account for your contacts to land in. Click ‘Continue’ to complete the integration.

Need a bit more detail? No problem, check out our Insightly calendar sync integration guide >

All aboard!

When appointments are scheduled through your calendar or Booking Page, the customer details are automatically added to your Insightly CRM. It’s a seamless way to grow your contact database.

Contact details from appointments booked through any online channel - including your website, Facebook and emails - are all accounted for.

Turn one-offs into recurring appointments.

It’s straightforward to nurture new customers from their first booking. Keep the conversation going by feeding your contacts into a tailored Insightly email campaign. By reaching out with valuable and relevant content and offers, your latest customers are more likely to re-engage.

Ramp up remarketing.

Keep your services fresh in customers’ minds by staying in touch with them on social media. Simply upload your Setmore-Insightly contact list to Facebook Ad Manager and set up retargeting ads. You can also use your database to create a lookalike audience for your ad campaigns.

Save time updating your Insightly CRM 🏆

You’re covered when it comes to uploading and updating your contacts. Any changes you make to customer profiles in Setmore automatically mirror in Insightly.

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Give your customers a tailored booking experience.

How to import contacts into Insightly from Setmore

Learn how to feed contact details from your latest appointments straight into Insightly. With this integration, your CRM database is automatically updated.

Track how visitors interact with your Booking Page

Google Tag Manager provides insights on how your Booking Page’s traffic behaves. Optimize the online scheduling process to fill your calendar faster.

Host 1-click video meetings and virtual events

Automatically add Teleport video meeting links to your customers’ booking confirmations and offer your services online.


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