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New appointments booked with Setmore automatically land in your tasklist.

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  • No coding, all results

    Connect your apps and new appointment details appear as tasks in your chosen board. Everything runs like clockwork in the background.

  • Automatic transfers

    Gone are the days you have to copy booking details from one app to another. This Zap transfers the appointment date and time, service type, and customer info.

  • Stay in the loop

    When a customer self-schedules an appointment using your Booking Page, your to-do list accounts for it. You know what’s on your plate at all times.


Proper time management – it’s not just for Mondays.

Ensure your tasklist accounts for your latest calendar updates with the Setmore and Zap. When activated, new appointment details mirror from your Setmore calendar and Booking Page to your preferred board. It’s all in real-time. Daily scheduling between meetings, appointments and projects becomes a whole lot easier.

How to connect Setmore and

  1. Open this template, click 'Connect + Setmore Appointments' and log into Zapier.
  2. In a separate tab, log into your account. Click your avatar and head to Developers > Developer > My Access Tokens. Copy the API key and head back to Zapier.
  3. Log into in Zapier and paste your API key where prompted. Next, select a board to receive appointment details as new cards.
  4. Choose the action event as ‘Create item’.
  5. Specify the appointment details to send from Setmore to These appear in card descriptions.
  6. Select 'Send test' to ensure data syncs correctly and then click 'Turn on Zap'.

For more information about connecting Setmore and, visit Zapier.

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