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Sync Google Calendar with Setmore.

Get a full view of your schedule at any time with the Google Calendar integration.

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Double-booking is of the past.

Align your personal and professional events using the Setmore-Google calendar integration. By centralizing all of your commitments in one place, it’s easy to stay on top of scheduling. Keep your calendar in-check via desktop, tablet or mobile and get a real-time view of your schedule 24/7.

How to sync Google Calendar.

Whether you opt for 1-way or 2-way sync, connecting your Google Calendar with Setmore is simple.

Activate 2-way calendar sync with Google from staff profiles in Setmore.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Staff and click the staff profile to sync.
  2. Toggle the switch next to ‘Google Sync’.
  3. Sign in with your Google account to grant Setmore permission to connect. Follow the prompts to complete the sync.

Use Google’s ‘Subscribe to Calendar’ feature to enable 1-way sync.

  1. In Setmore, navigate to Settings > Staff and click the staff profile to sync.
  2. Highlight and copy their calendar URL.
  3. In Google Calendar, click the arrow next to ‘Other Calendars’ and ‘Add by URL’. Paste the URL from Step 2 to complete the sync.

It’s like clockwork.

Once you activate the Setmore-Google calendar integration, your events import automatically. If you have a Free account, 1-way sync drops all of your events in Google Calendar.

For Premium and Pro subscribers, 2-way sync ensures all of your events can be seen in both calendars.

Get booked when you’re free.

Reduce calendar conflicts and the need to reschedule. With Google calendar sync, you and your team are only bookable when you’re available.

Your Booking Page features your real-time availability, taking into account your Setmore and Google events. Customers can only schedule your services in free time slots.

Hassle-free room booking.

Activate Google 2-way sync for two or more staff profiles and link them to the same Google account. When an appointment is booked on one calendar, this blocks availability on the others. This is invaluable when multiple service providers share the same workspace, with one customer at a time.

We’ve got your calendars covered.

No Google calendar? No problem. Upgrade to Premium or Pro and access 2-way Office 365 calendar sync. Free customers are also offered additional 1-way syncs with Office 365, Apple and more.

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Connect your calendars in minutes.

“How do I sync my Google calendar?”

Check out our guide on how to export your Setmore appointments into Google calendar. Get a clear, all-encompassing view of your schedule.

Activating Google 2-way calendar sync

Display Google events in your Setmore calendar and vice versa. Integrate your accounts and every engagement finds its place automatically.

Discover more calendar sync options

Explore our range of calendar integrations for Free and Premium accounts. Take your pick from Google, Office 365, Apple and more.


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