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Increase client communication with the Setmore and Mailerlite Integration

Keep in touch with your clients with the Setmore-MailerLite Integration. MailerLite allows you to market new features or updates to your customers. Create marketing campaigns and measure their engagement levels easily.

You’ve got mail!

Looking to send your customers oodles of updates? Export client contact data to your MailerLite account in a jiffy. When a new customer books an appointment with you, Setmore automatically creates a Customer Profile for them. Each time they book in, their profile is updated.

Best of all, you develop your very own, up-to-date customer database that’s ready to receive your marketing emails.

Mailerlite integration with Setmore

Reward VIP customers

Exclusivity is always welcomed by customers. Show your loyal clients some appreciation by sending them discounts and promotions. Track your biggest fans in Setmore by viewing individual appointment history and average spend. When you send your customers personalized marketing and promotions, how can they resist booking with you again? Connect Setmore and MailerLite to help increase retention and enhance your customer relationships.

Manage multiple campaigns

With all your customer information in one location, you can access data easily for your next marketing campaign. Want to run multiple email campaigns at once? No problem! Sync your customers’ contact information to different subscriber lists in MailerLite. Send a ‘thanks for booking’ email to your newest clients, offer a special discount to those that you’ve served the longest, and much more.

Guide traffic to your Booking Page

Add a link to your Booking Page in your email marketing and empower subscribers to book 24/7. No need to phone or email you: your customer can schedule their appointment by clicking through to your online calendar. After picking and paying for their booking, you both get an instant confirmation. Streamline the process even further by directing your customers to specific service or staff booking links.

Get ready to press ‘send’

So, how do you send customer information to your Mailerlite account? The process is simple! Check it out:

  • Step 1: In your Setmore account, head to Apps & Integrations and select MailerLite
  • Step 2: Click Activate and select your MailerLite account. Under ‘Setup Trigger’, select Contacts
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to receive an API key. Copy-paste this key to grant Setmore permission to access your MailerLite account. Then, choose Create or Update Subscriber
  • Step 4: Pick the MailerLite Subscriber Group for the data transfer, select the data to be sent and run a test
  • Your integration is complete! Check your MailerLite account for the updated contact information. Looking for an in-depth step-by-step with images? Take a read of the Setmore and MailerLite support article.

Have questions? Let’s hear ‘em

How do I add new data fields to my customer profiles in Setmore?

Navigate to Apps & Integrations > Your Booking Page (Configure) > Booking Policies. Scroll down to the section titled ‘Contact Fields’. Here, you can add new data fields to Customer Profiles.

Please note, these fields will show up on your customer intake form on your Booking Page. Customers will be able to input values into these fields when they’re booking an appointment online.

If I have new customer contacts in MailerLite, can I export them into Setmore?

Unfortunately, no. This integration currently works one-way. New contacts you create in Setmore can be transferred to MailerLite, but new contacts you create in MailerLite will not import into Setmore. We recommend creating a contact in your Setmore account to avoid duplicating work.

Do I need a website to book customers online?

No. Every Setmore account comes with a free, customizable Booking Page to display your services, prices, location, and social media. You can use your Booking Page as a standalone website and its URL can be personalized to include your business name.

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