Setmore Features

Setmore isn’t just your ordinary appointment scheduling software, it is home to a number of features that make scheduling a bliss rather than a chore.


Book, manage, analyze, access your appointments and do much more online in your booking Calendar. The cloud is the limit.


Integrate Setmore with a host of other popular web Apps. We love to see your business grow and scale up exponentially.

SMS Reminders

Texts aren’t just for friends and family. Imbibe them into your business and remind customers of their future appointments.

Email Reminders

Emails are all you need to stay on top of every booked appointments. What’s more, this feature comes absolutely free.


Schedule appointments with an intuitive calendar containing compelling features. Setmore makes scheduling simple.


Don’t just keep your reviews under the wrap, showcase them to the world at Setmore. Make each star count.

iOS App

Turn your iOS devices into your appointment diary. Appointment scheduling goes mobile with the Setmore iOS app.

Android App

Schedule appointments with just any Android device on the go. Get started with the Setmore Android app.


Customers can pay while booking an appointment. Pay ahead,ditch the long queues and embrace automation.

Google Sync

Merge your Google calendar with your Setmore calendar and accumulate all appointments in one calendar. Sync them up.

Booking Page

Get an exclusive booking page with your account and let your customers take part in booking appointments.

Website Widget

A “Book Now” button is what you need to turn a website into an appointment scheduling portal. No technical Savviness required!

Recurring appointments

Now schedule repeat appointments for your regular customers in a few clicks. Save time, avoid booking conflicts.

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