Joomla appointment booking system.

Connect your Joomla website with your Booking Page and accept appointments 24/7.

joomla appointment booking system
  • Add a ‘Book Now’ button to your website

    Link your Joomla site with your Booking Page and let customers self-schedule appointments at any time.

  • Automate your diary management

    When a booking is made, Setmore updates your calendar and fires out email confirmations and custom reminders.

  • Plugin and play

    Setting up your Joomla online booking system is simple. No difficult coding, no additional costs. Just download the Setmore plugin.

Choose an all-in-one Joomla booking calendar.

Joomla is a free website builder that helps you create a professional e-commerce store. Connect your Joomla site with your Booking Page and allow visitors to schedule appointments online.

Feature a ‘Book Now’ button on any page that leads your audience to view your services, real-time availability and pricing.

Let customers come to you.

Turn your website visitors into customers with the Setmore-Joomla scheduling extension. By empowering your audience to self-schedule through your Booking Page, you eliminate back-and-forth calls and emails.

Let visitors book and pay for appointments at the peak of interest, straight from your site.

Maximize your bookable hours.

Automate your booking process and spend more time sharing your skills. When a customer schedules an appointment through your Joomla site, Setmore updates your calendar and sends both of you an email confirmation.

To help reduce no-shows, automatic reminders are also pinged to your customers without you having to lift a finger.

Make your website worker.

Add a booking button to any page on your Joomla website. Link customers to your full Booking Page or route them to scheduling particular services in different parts of your site.

Your Booking Page can display in multiple languages and time zones to personalize appointment-setting for global customers.

Community group of Setmore customers

Connect with worldwide customers in no time.


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Community group of Setmore customers

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