Setmore helps you take payments in the appointment calendar or the booking page. Now preserve payments in advance from your customers.

Setmore Is Not "Just" An Appointment Software

Transactions can be tricky. Keeping track of different transactions like cash and card could consume a chunk of your time. Discount and refund calculations might add more to your busy schedule. Because of its delicacy, businesses invest heavily in a dedicated payment system to simplify and automate the process. Well, not anymore because Setmore has a payment system that enables you to manage both appointments and transactions concurrently.


Setmore Means Serious Money

Setmore has collaborated with payment experts Stripe to enable you to process all the card transactions online. This feature provides customers a time window to key-in their card details to obtain an appointment with your business. Since such transactions involve sensitive data, Setmore has made the process exceedingly secure. You will be glad to know that the payments are not restricted to card transactions only. Setmore’s Cash Register System helps you record the cash transactions as well.

  • Collectively manage customer appointments and payments.
  • Accept payments from the appointment scheduler and booking page.
  • Trouble-free and safe transactions with credit cards or cash payments.
  • Generate invoices, calculate discounts, offer refunds and more.

Enhance Your Business Attributes

Setmore relieves you from an arduous quest to find the perfect payment system. Marking payments mandatory helps you secure deposits in advance because customers have to pay up-front to walk-out with a confirmed appointment in the booking page. This reduces no-shows, helps avoiding payment conflicts and improve sales.

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