Import contacts into Clio from Setmore.

Automatically send customer details from your calendar and Booking Page to your Clio account.

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  • Efficient, end-to-end automation

    When clients schedule a consultation via your online Booking Page, their details automatically land in your preferred Clio contact list.

  • Meet your virtual filing cabinet

    Focus on the case at hand with the confidence that your client details are up-to-date, organized and easy to find whenever you need.

  • Move your paperwork to the cloud

    Ensure you and your team have digital back-ups of customer information, stored and accessible in a secure cloud-based platform.

Boost your Clio CRM system with every new booking.

Clio’s cloud-based practice management software stores all your legal documents in one place. The Setmore and Clio integration puts managing your client database on autopilot.

When contact details are added or updated through your Booking Page or calendar, they mirror in Clio automatically.

Import your client list into Clio automatically.

  1. In Setmore, head to Apps & Integrations > Clio.
  2. Choose ‘Contacts’ as the trigger that will export data into Clio.
  3. Select the action that Clio takes: to store imported data as contacts.
  4. Specify which Setmore form fields will be exported and where to save the data in Clio. That’s all there is to it.

Need more detail? Read our guide on using Setmore and Clio to optimize CRM for law firms

Manual admin, overruled.

Confirming appointments, updating your calendar and recording contact information are all non-billable tasks that take time away from cases.

With Setmore, clients can self-book online 24/7. Not only do their contact details import into Clio instantly, you both receive automatic booking confirmations.

Level up your legal filing system.

Spend less time cross-examining paper diaries and post-its. A cloud-based solution centralizes your calendar, client and case data. When you link Setmore with your Clio account, your team can access contact information, vital documents and billing records, from Anywhere. Download the Setmore mobile app for extra convenience.

Turn traffic into new clients.

Maximize your client intake by adding a booking button to your website and social media. It’s simple to connect your branded Booking Page with popular site builders, Instagram and Facebook.

Allow your customers to schedule appointments as soon as they discover your services. Once a booking is made, the client’s contact details flow straight into Clio.

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Your all-in-one calendar and client management system.


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