Generate ClickUp tasks for new appointments.

When an appointment is booked through Setmore, the details land in ClickUp automatically.

tasks for new appointments
  • It’s like clockwork

    Activate this integration and appointment details reflect from Setmore to ClickUp – as soon as bookings are confirmed.

  • Get all the details

    Your ClickUp tasks feature appointment date and time, customer contact info, the service booked and more.

  • So long, manual transfers

    Save time creating cards for each appointment. With Setmore and ClickUp, you simply assign and progress tasks.


Level up with the ClickUp integration.

An up-to-date task list is essential to any service provider or project manager. When appointments are scheduled by different people throughout the day, Setmore and ClickUp keep your list organized.

New appointments from your Booking Page and calendar automatically pull through to ClickUp as tasks. It happens in real-time so all you need to do is move tasks to the right place and tag relevant team members.

How to connect Setmore and ClickUp.

  1. Open this template, click 'Connect ClickUp + Setmore Appointments' and log into Zapier.
  2. Select your Setmore account or click 'Connect a new account' to connect it with Zapier.
  3. Next, log into your ClickUp account in Zapier and confirm a Workspace, Space, Folder and List to receive appointments as tasks.
  4. Name your tasks and specify the details to pull from Setmore, e.g. customer name and email.
  5. Test the Zap before hitting 'Turn on Zap'.

You can customize your Zap by specifying a priority level and assigning tasks to staff emails. For further details about the Setmore-ClickUp Zap, visit Zapier.

customer using clickup for bookings

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