Setmore WordPress Integration

Take Appointments Right From Your WordPress Website

One of the marvels that we’ve witnessed over the decade is the incredible rate at which internet has grown; the sphere of influence is so immense that many businesses made a transition to the digital platform quickly. Thus, it became imperative to hold a good web presence, and that is where the existence of the content management system called Wordpress assisted many small businesses. Creating a website had become simple, quick, and the end product could be customized to match your business preferences.

For any appointment based business, it is essential to maximize the number of gateways to accept appointments, and that is where the Setmore-Wordpress integration comes into the big picture. Setmore pairs up as an essential add-on and reduces your scheduling burden by managing your appointments and schedules.

  • Scheduling appointments through your WordPress site is easy, instant and convenient for you and your customers.
  • Enable your website visitors to book appointments by themselves.
  • Equip your website with more purpose by embedding your online appointment diary.
  • Make your Wordpress site the sole destination for promoting your online presence and taking appointments.

Embed Your Online Booking Page to Your WordPress Site

While most of the integration processes suggest an enormous list of steps, Setmore is set to redefine conventions. The process that involves bridging both ends is relatively straightforward and can be achieved in a short series of steps. You do not have to be a programming geek to accomplish this feat, like the Tagline of Setmore, the integration process also remains faithful to the words “Simple and Powerful”.

Your Wordpress website is not just a conventional old website that discloses what your business does anymore. With Setmore, take your site up a notch and escalate its utility. Let your customers participate in your booking process and fix appointments easily without having the need to navigate away from the comforts of your website. Setmore is not just a standalone scheduling manager, with its ability to engage with other web applications; Setmore now enables you to extract maximum advantage of your WordPress website.

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