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Let Customers Book Appointments from Google Search Results

As a new booking capability between Setmore and Google, Reserve with Google allows your customers to book appointments directly to your Setmore calendar from Google search results.

How it works with Setmore

Once Reserve with Google is enabled, customers can book services with your business directly from Google Maps or Google Search results, and appointments show up on your Setmore calendar. This delivers added convenience for your customers, and more bookings for your business.

Google Integration with Setmore
Visit Google.com/Maps/Reserve

New Avenues for Customer Appointment Scheduling

Reserve with Google gives your customers a new way to book appointments with your business online. Now when customers search for your business in Google, or search for something they need that matches up with your services, the search results will give them the power to book an appointment directly on your Setmore calendar in just a few clicks.

Not only will this generate a new path for customer acquisition, but it also further automates the process of scheduling an appointment online, which means less effort for you and more appointments on your calendar. Also, it’s free.

Ready to use Reserve with Google? Find activation instructions on our support website >

How to Determine if You’re Eligible for Reserve with Google and Setmore

Participation in Reserve with Google may be limited to certain geographic areas or industries, so it’s a good idea to check if you’re eligible by logging into Setmore and following the steps below:

  • Step 1: Navigate to Apps & Integrations > Reserve with Google.
  • Step 2: You’ll be notified if Reserve with Google isn’t available in your area/for your industry yet.
  • Step 3: If you don’t receive an error message, you may continue with the activation process.

If your area/industry isn’t supported, be sure to follow Setmore on Facebook and Twitter, or check the Setmore blog for recent deployment notes and updates.

Also, in order to take advantage of Reserve with Google, your business or organization will first need to be Verified by Google. Read the section below for details.

Make Sure Your Business Is Verified by Google

Business verification is your way of checking in and letting Google know what your business is and where it’s at, so they have the most up-to-date and accurate information. It’s also required if you want to activate and use Reserve with Google with your Setmore account. However, verification confers a number of other benefits, so it’ll be worth your while to get verified even if you don’t plan on using Reserve with Google:

  • Your business will show up in Google Maps for your customers, making it easier for them to find you in their neighborhood.
  • This also helps make sure that customers show up at the right location, and that they aren’t sidelined by inaccurate addresses or wrong street numbers.
  • You’ll have direct access to manage your Google Business profile, letting you upload a logo, upload pictures, and respond to customer reviews on Google.

Verifying your business through Google is easy, and you can take care of it online or via a postcard that’s delivered in the mail. Click here to learn more and start the verification process >

Opting Out

By default, Reserve with Google is deactivated for new Setmore accounts. However, if at any time you would like to deactivate Reserve with Google and prevent it from letting customers book from search results, you may do so through your Setmore account.

  • Step 1: Go to Apps & Integrations, scroll down to Integrations, and click on the Reserve with Google card.
  • Step 2: In the Reserve with Google integration card menu, click the Deactivate button in the left column. The change should take effect in approximately 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t want customers to be able to book their own appointments?

That’s okay, we understand that online booking isn’t for everyone. Reserve with Google is turned off by default, so you’ll have to opt in before customers will have direct access to your appointment page.

As an alternative, you can also offer an initial consultation as a first-time service, and mark all your other services as “Private.” This will require customers to book an initial appointment with you to discuss their needs, before you book follow-up appointments for the actual service. We see this a lot with consulting, car repair, and tattoo businesses.

Does using Reserve with Google cost me anything?

No. Reserve with Google is a new service that benefits your business, free of charge.

How can I export customer contacts created before activating the integration?

The simplest way is to ask your customers. When they come in for their appointment, you can ask them where they scheduled their appointment from (as in, from a Google search, from your website, or from your Booking Page, etc.). You can also ask them if the process was simple and easy to follow, or how it could be better. A quick conversation can inform you about ways to improve the customer experience overall.

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