Accept bookings from your Square Online Store.

Turn traffic into customers by connecting your Booking Page with your Square Online website.

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Add appointment booking to your Square site.

Convert your site visitors at the peak of their interest with a ‘Book Now’ button for your Square Online shop. Your customers have one-click access to your Booking Page, where they can view your services, select a convenient time and pay online.

Offer an easy route to schedule appointments, classes and events, with no waiting times.

Activate the Setmore and Square Online Integration.

  1. Log into Setmore and head to Apps & Integrations > Square Online. Select how you'd like your Booking Page to display - in a new tab or a pop-up
  2. Copy the snippet of code generated by Setmore.
  3. Open your Square store builder and click ‘Add section’. In the left menu bar under ‘Page elements’, select Media > Embed Code > Add
  4. Under ‘Layout’, choose Embed code again and paste the snippet copied from Setmore. Publish your changes and check out your brand-new ‘Book Now’ button.

Need more details? No problem, read our step-by-step guide on how to set up Square Online Store booking >

Reduce the pings and rings.

Spend less time checking messages and focus on delivering memorable experiences. By enabling customers to self-schedule appointments through your Square site, you free up valuable hours.

Each time a booking is made, you get an instant in-app or email alert and your calendar updates automatically.

Reach more customers online.

Connect your Setmore-Square Online booking system to Teleport or Zoom and open a new stream of revenue. Simply select which of your services are video-enabled.

When booked, you and your customer receive video meeting links in your email confirmations. At the appointment time, click to meet in your browser.

Bring order to your brick-and-mortar.

Fill in-store events with your Setmore-Square appointment app. Don’t just advertise your location-based events, make it simple for customers to reserve their spots or respond to invites online.

To grow your fanbase further, you can even book and host remote product demos and personalized shopping sessions through your site.

Take secure prepayments online

Want to ensure customers commit to their appointments? Request payments in advance by connecting your Booking Page with Square.

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Open brand-new booking avenues.

Set up Square Online booking

Learn how to embed a booking button in your Square Online store and take customer appointments around-the-clock.

Book appointments through Facebook

Enhance your social media channels with the option to book. Connect your Facebook business profile with your Booking Page.

Add a ‘Book Now’ button to Instagram

Get likes, shares and new appointments. Link your Booking Page with Instagram and accept appointments from your page and posts.


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