Import contacts to Zoho CRM from Setmore.

Automatically sync customer details from your calendar, contacts or Booking Page to your Zoho lists.

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use setmore for importing contacts to zoho
setmore integration with zoho
setmore integration with zoho

Keep your customer list fresh with Setmore and Zoho CRM.

Import contacts to Zoho CRM for every appointment booked via Setmore. This booking-CRM integration eliminates manual updates and the need to cross-reference multiple spreadsheets. New client contacts from your Booking Page and calendar go straight into your chosen Zoho list, ready for your marketing emails.

Set up the Setmore-Zoho calendar integration.

  1. In Setmore, navigate to Apps & Integrations > Zoho CRM.
  2. Click ‘Activate’ on the left side of the pop-up window.
  3. Enter your Zoho CRM auth token. Select the target account and list to pull in your new Setmore contacts.
  4. Match contact fields between Zoho CRM and Setmore. Give the sync a test to complete.

Need further details? Check out our illustrated guide to the Zoho CRM-appointment scheduling integration >

Keep the conversation going.

Make sure your latest marketing campaigns and promotional offers are seen by your newest fans. The Setmore-Zoho integration automatically onboards customer that book online into your chosen email list. Keep your brand fresh in their minds and turn one-off appointments into return visits.

Automate your CRM, save time.

Take a breather from manually updating contacts. Import details to Zoho CRM automatically and ensure your customer lists are up-to-date. Contacts from your Setmore calendar and Booking Page mirror in Zoho CRM, leaving no room for human error.

Match the data fields between both platforms and names, email addresses and any other details land just where they need to.

Seal more deals.

Customize your intake forms in Setmore to gather more info about your prospects and customers. Not only does this further define which Zoho CRM list your customers are added to, it provides your sales team extra details when reaching out.

Enhance lead generation and qualification efforts from the point of booking, to crack that sale like a champion.

So long, manual CRM updates.

With Setmore, you can automatically sync new customer details with Zoho CRM. Spend more time engaging with clients and ensure your sales team has up-to-date info at hand.

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automate customer details with setmore

Discover much more to boost your bookings.

Activate the Setmore-Zoho CRM calendar integration

It takes minutes to sync Setmore to Zoho CRM. Import contacts to a target list and make it straightforward for sales teams to follow-up.

Book and host crystal-clear video meetings

Enable your staff to connect with clients and each other with just one click. There’s no travel necessary with the Setmore-Teleport video integration.

Empower your customers to self-book through Facebook

Add a booking button to your Facebook business page and accept appointments 24/7. New customer contact details head straight to your chosen Zoho list.


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