Add your booking link to VideoAsks.

Enhance your website’s VideoAsks with an online booking and payment option.

Calendar page Setmore integrate with Videoask
  • Capitalize on clicks

    When a site visitor plays your videoAsk, they can schedule an appointment right away. With a booking button, there’s no need to call, email or navigate elsewhere.

  • Level up your lead gen

    Record personalized VideoAsk messages for different audiences and include the most relevant service or team booking links. One click and your online booking flow appears.

  • Humanize every chat

    Visitors attach a human face to your brand as soon as they find your site. Their first interaction isn’t AI or bot-generated, creating a connection right off the bat.

Increase the face value of your website.

Feature snappy VideoAsk messages across your site and humanize this crucial marketing channel. New leads get a personalized greeting as soon as they discover your services, setting your business apart from competitors that utilize chatbots.

With Setmore, you can feature a booking link in VideoAsk to keep the conversation going. Offer people that hit play an instant route to schedule appointments online.

How to connect Setmore and VideoAsk.

  1. Log into VideoAsk and choose one to edit. Click ‘Build’.
  2. You’ll see the steps of your VideoAsk from beginning to end. Select one and click ‘Answer’.
  3. From the ‘Select answer type’ dropdown menu, hit ‘Button’ and confirm your CTA text, e.g. ‘Book now’.
  4. In ‘Redirect to a URL’, enter your Booking Page URL and click ‘Save’.
  5. Click ‘Done’ and your VideoAsk steps will be updated.

Your audience will now see a booking link where specified in your VideoAsk. When clicked, your Booking Page appears and enables them to schedule and pay online. Appointment details land in your calendar in real-time.

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