Free Adobe Muse booking widget

Accept appointments straight from your website with the powerful Setmore-Muse integration.

muse integration with setmore calendar page
  • Add a ‘Book Now’ button to your website

    Link your website with your Booking Page and empower your online visitors to confirm appointments without needing to call.

  • All-in-one appointment scheduling

    Your Muse booking system sends out automatic confirmations and booking reminders, in addition to updating your calendar in real-time.

  • Put your stamp on things

    Personalize your Booking Page with your business’ branding, customer reviews and Instagram feed for a one-of-a-kind booking journey.

Fill your calendar 24/7 through your Muse site.

Adobe Muse enables you to create beautifully-responsive websites without any coding. Connect your Adobe Muse website with your Booking Page to take appointments around-the-clock.

A sleek booking button allows your site visitors to view your availability and schedule your services online. Each time a booking is added, the details automatically land in your calendar.

More bookings, less back-and-forth.

Let your website visitors book and pay for appointments when it’s convenient for them. Your customizable ‘Book Now’ button links directly to your online Booking Page.

There’s zero need for customers to call or email you to confirm an appointment. Showcase your service menu, availability and prices to make booking a breeze.

Reel them in.

Your booking button is flexible and can feature on any site page. Offer visitors access to your full service menu or direct them to scheduling particular services.

Booking Pages can also display in multiple languages and time zones, helping to personalize appointment-setting for global customers.

So long, double-booking.

Ensure your Booking Page accounts for all commitments by syncing your personal and professional calendars. Site visitors only see your available time slots, so you can avoid last-minute rescheduling.

Each time an appointment is made, you get an instant notification and your calendar updates automatically. Explore our calendar-sync integrations >.

Put your Adobe Muse booking button to work.

Add multiple ‘Book Now’ buttons to your website and choose whether they link to your full Booking Page or a specific service.

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