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Book appointments and access your schedule from desktop, mobile or tablet. Paper diaries can't compete with Setmore's ease-of-use and powerful automations.

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Why a web-based scheduler is your go-to.

It takes only seconds to schedule an appointment through your Setmore calendar.

Use drop-down menus to add the booking details – including appointment type, customer and service provider – and click to confirm. The guest and staff member receive instant email confirmations.

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Set off an awesome chain of events.

When you book an appointment, a custom email confirmation is fired out to the service provider and customer. Booking details sync with your Google or Office365 calendars, and your customer receives a handy reschedule link. To top it off, Setmore sends reminder emails (or texts with Premium) to help reduce no-shows.

Easy-to-use, engaging and efficient.

As your business grows, staying on top of your schedule is vital. Color-code your calendar and tap each event to view its full details. Did you know your Setmore calendar auto-updates in the background? You’ll be immediately notified when a customer books, reschedules or cancels an appointment through your Booking Page.

Calendar auto updates customer appointments
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Click to meet.

Integrate Setmore with Teleport or Zoom and book virtual appointments through your calendar. Appointment details automatically display a one-click video meeting link, as do the service provider and customer's booking confirmations. No downloads or additional costs - both of you just click the link to start.

Optimized for any device.

Stay connected with your appointments on-the-go using the Setmore mobile app. Your calendar looks sleek on any screen, allowing you to update your schedule and access customer details from Anywhere. Make changes through your iOS or Android device and they'll reflect across desktop and tablet in real-time.

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Make the most of your Setmore calendar🏆

Get to know the basics of booking

Learn how to book an appointment on your calendar, take customer payments in advance and more.

Explore your latest calendar stats

Track your business' daily, weekly or monthly revenue based on the total income from appointments booked.

Add staff profiles to your account

Enable your team to manage their availability and book their own clients with individual staff calendars.


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