Free Online Appointment Scheduling

Intuitive appointment scheduling through your browser, desktop/laptop, or smartphone. Setmore empowers you to reach customers and manage your appointments online.


Save Time While Booking Time

It only takes a few seconds to book an appointment on your Setmore calendar. Use dropdown menus to pull together services, customers, and staffing from built-in listings and you’re there. Need to reschedule? Simply drag and drop the appointment into a new timeslot. Setmore automatically sends out a reschedule notice to the customer and the staff member. That’s time you get back in your day because Setmore does the legwork for you.

Online Appointments Fully Loaded with Amazing Features

Looking for more flexibility in your calendar software? Setmore will make a superhero out of you:

  • Custom Cost & Duration - Adjust cost and duration on the fly
  • Slot Blockers - Prevent appointments when you’re not available
  • Double Booking - Book multiple services in the same timeslot
  • Off-hours Booking - Book appointments outside normal operating hours
  • Staff Calendars - Manage multiple calendar tabs in one account

Appointment Bookings Where One Click Starts a Chain Reaction

Once you click or tap the "Book Appointment" button, Setmore fires off confirmation emails to both the customer and the service provider, and schedules future email reminders (and text reminders with Setmore Premium), syncs the appointment with your Google, Office365, or iOS calendar, and gives a reschedule link to the customer in case they need to change their appointment slot.

Monetize Your Online Calendar

Your time is valuable, but only when it’s booked. Setmore’s powerful online calendar helps you stay organized while increasing your appointment density. The clean, simple, easy-to-navigate interface means you find what you need when you need it, with features right where you expect them to be. Color-coded services add visual pop and differentiation. And you’ll see when customers get their email or text appointment reminders from the appointment details menu.

Whether you’re a freelance entrepreneur or you manage a shop full of team members, Setmore is your go-to scheduling solution and your blueprint for turning time into money.

Learn More with Setmore Tutorials

Setmore’s super flexible calendar gives you so many options when it comes to booking and managing your appointments. Click here to learn more about creating and editing appointments, then browse other support articles to see what Setmore can do for your business.

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