Accept legal payments online with LawPay.

Let clients pay ahead of time or at their convenience with the Setmore-LawPay integration.

accept legal payments online with lawpay
  • Built for lawyers

    Connect your accounts to process and manage payments for every service booked, from initial consultations to representation.

  • Secure and ensured

    LawPay is trusted by over 50,000 practices. Its proprietary card vault keeps details safe and allows you to charge fees at a later date.

  • By the book

    Accept payments in compliance with regulations from the American Bar Association and route funds to the relevant IOLTA.

Simplify the legal payment process.

Allow clients to schedule an appointment and pre-pay through your online Booking Page. All that's left to do is meet and discuss their needs.

Payments can be made via credit or debit card, and details sync between your apps while you focus on the case at hand.

Connect LawPay to your booking system.

  1. Log into Setmore and navigate to Settings > Payments > LawPay.
  2. Click 'Activate', enter your LawPay login details in the pop-up and click 'Activate' again.
  3. A LawPay gateway will be added to your Booking Page automatically. Head to Settings > Payments > Booking Page to make payments mandatory.

Manage transactions from anywhere and receive notifications when new payments are processed. For further details, read our illustrated LawPay support article.

Track bookings and payments from one place.

Even with a roster full of clients, you need to spend time capturing new leads. Offer an online booking and payment system that enables people to reserve your time without needing to call.

Leads can confirm an appointment instantly, making your practice more competitive. And with the LawPay integration, you save countless hours on invoicing.

Fast, easy and secure transactions.

LawPay can get you paid 39% faster, helping to make bookkeeping a breeze. The platform is recommended by 50 US state bars and ABA compliant.

Additionally, when payments are received through your Booking Page, they can be directed to specified Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA).

Customized to suit attorneys.

Every client receives an instant appointment confirmation and receipt after booking. And to reduce no-shows, your app automates a personalized email or text reminder.

Client email notifications can even include a Zoom or Google Meet link for virtual services.

67% of people want to pay for legal services via flat fees.*

Enable them to book and pay online, all in one go, with the Setmore and LawPay integration. (*Legal Trends Report)

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Automate your lawyer booking and payment system.


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