Free Drupal appointment scheduler.

Accept appointments directly from your website with the Setmore-Drupal integration.

drupal integration with setmore
  • Make it easy to fill your calendar.

    Add a custom ‘Book Now' button to any page on your Drupal website. Your customers can self-book your services at any time.

  • It’s like clockwork.

    Your 24/7 booking system takes secure online payments, automates confirmations and updates your calendar.

  • Connect with global customers.

    Customize your online Booking Page to display in multiple languages and time zones for visitors around the world.

Reduce the back-and-forth with your Drupal booking system.

Drupal is a free open-source website builder that helps showcase your business. Connect your Booking Page with your Drupal site and empower visitors to schedule and pay for your services online. No calls or emails necessary - every appointment automatically lands in your calendar.

Setting up your Drupal booking calendar.

  1. Download the free Setmore plugin for Drupal here.
  2. Log into Setmore and navigate to Apps & Integrations > Drupal.s
  3. Copy your Setmore key and open Drupal in a new tab.
  4. Head to ‘Modules’ and install the plugin from step 1.
  5. Decide where on your site to feature your ‘Book Now’ button and finish the integration.

Need a bit more detail? Check out step-by-step Drupal integration guide >

Tap to book, anytime.

Add a customizable ‘Book Now’ button to your website that links directly to your Booking Page. A Setmore-Drupal online booking system lets your site visitors view your availability, select an appointment slot and pay for your services - no waiting. Gain an edge over your competitors by offering convenient 24/7 self-scheduling.

An awesome chain of events.

Spend more time providing memorable customer experiences and let Setmore automate appointment-scheduling. When a visitor books through your Drupal website, they’re automatically sent an email confirmation and follow-up reminder. You get notified of every booking and your calendar updates in real-time.

Customize your Booking Page.

Give your audience an extra nudge to reserve your time with an optimized Booking Page. Services can display in different languages and your availability appears in your visitors’ time zones. Reduce missed appointments due to time zone confusion and ensure traffic from all over gets a tailored experience.

Brand your booking journey.

Create a one-of-a-kind Booking Page by adding your logo, customer reviews, an Instagram stream and more customized features.

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