Setmore Drupal Integration

Fix Setmore Appointments Directly From Your Drupal Website

Among all the senses which we humans possess, our visual Intellection has been considered the most predominant feeling. In the web world, the more frequent a reference to your business appears on the Internet, greater the recognition your gathers, and more customers you stand to gain. To convert this notion to a possibility, businesses initiate an exclusive website dedicated to their trades. The process of building a good responsive website could be a daunting task for many. That is where, website building host and popular Content Management System, Drupal has been the saving grace for many small scale businesses to realize their dream of owning a fully functional website.

Setmore, your online appointment scheduler has come a long way since its inception. Today, apart from being an online appointment diary, Setmore goes a great length to incorporate functionalities to send out auto-reminders and notifications, enable booked appointments to be rescheduled, accept payments and much more. While your website caters to improving the presence of your business on the digital front, you can also enable it to serve multiple purposes. Now, your dream come true appointment scheduler, Setmore can be integrated with your Drupal website.

  • Set your Drupal website as an avenue to take up appointments.
  • Easily add Setmore Booking Page to any part of your site.
  • Reduce the need to toggle in between Setmore and your Drupal site to manage your appointment slots.
  • Appointment booking is not only restricted to your staff, let your customers take part in it too.

Turn Your Website Visitors To Your Privilege Customers

The Setmore-Drupal integration is rolled out to help convert your website into a fully functional scheduling portal. Integrate your website with your powerful online appointment scheduling software and enable your customers to book appointments by themselves without having to make a call or await the assistance of your receptionist. Reduce the need to navigate back and forth between your Setmore appointment calendar and your Drupal website, this integration reflects all the appointments reserved at your site directly into your Setmore calendar and vice versa.

We’ve given you a substantial reason to change what you thought was possible with your business website. Now it is your turn to take up the integration and maximize the utility of what it brings to the table. Activating the Setmore-Drupal integration has been constructed to make it as simple as possible, and you can access the complete Walk-through to the integration from our Support Section.

Do you have a Drupal driven website dedicated to your business? Integrate it with Setmore Appointments and start accepting appointments from your website right away.

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