Book and host virtual events.

Automatically add video links to booking confirmations and meet your customers online. Connect Setmore and Teleport today.

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  • Schedule video meetings

    Video meeting links are automatically added to your calendar and booking confirmations for select services.

  • Automate appointment reminders

    Reduce no-shows with automatic email reminders. Keep your customers and staff in the loop for every booking.

  • Get started with one click

    No additional plugins, costs or wait times. Hit your video meeting link and chat in your desktop or mobile browser.

Your all-in-one virtual events booking system.

Teleport is a video conferencing platform that lets you video call customers, deliver presentations and collaborate virtually from your browser. Integrate Setmore with Teleport to transform your appointments into video meetings

Schedule and host online consultations, classes, webinars and other events without extra plugins.

How to automate booking for online video calls.

  1. Log into Setmore and head to Apps & Integrations > Teleport.
  2. Click the ‘Activate’ button and select the services that need to be video-enabled.

When a video service is scheduled via your Setmore calendar or Booking Page, a Teleport link is automatically included in booking confirmations.

Need a full step-by-step guide? Check out our Setmore-Teleport integration support article >

Paper diaries can't compete.

Spend less time on administrative tasks by empowering customers to self-book appointments online. Your virtual event booking software automatically generates a video meeting link and adds it to your calendar and email confirmations.

You and your customer also receive personalized email reminders on the lead-up.

Reach customers worldwide.

Offer your services to customers across the globe. Teleport allows you to host 1:1 or class video meetings, webinars and other events from your web browser.

Accept bookings 24/7 with your virtual event scheduling app and take the limits off where you do business.

Collaborate in real-time.

Host live presentations, product demonstrations or remote training programs with Teleport’s screen sharing tool. Show and tell by guiding your guests through slides, data, videos and more.

Explaining complex concepts becomes straightforward with your online meeting scheduling app.

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Create meaningful, memorable moments over video.


  • Up to 4 people can join a single Teleport call on the Setmore Free plan. Upgrade to Pro or Team to host classes or meetings for up to 40 people. For larger-scale events, Setmore's Zoom integration allows up to 1000 guests per call.

  • Yes. For extra security, you can lock your meeting room using the padlock icon in the top left corner of your screen. When a new guest requests to join, a pop-up appears for you to grant access.

  • Yes! You can host video meetings for up to 4 people on the Setmore Free plan. Upgrade to Pro or Team to schedule a virtual event with up to 40 invitees. Pro and Team customers can also connect their online events scheduler with Zoom.

  • No, you can schedule a video call and meet online as often as you'd like.

  • The opportunities are endless. Many of our customers book and host 1:1 appointments, group classes, consulting sessions and more. Setmore is also ideal as a webinar booking system as attendees from across the globe can reserve seats online from your Booking Page, website, social media and emails.

  • No. Simply share your unique Teleport link with your customer and they can join you right away in the browser. To find your link, log into Setmore, head to Settings and click the camera icon in the left navigation.

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