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Add 1-Click Video Meetings to Your Appointments and Classes

Teleport.video empowers you to have 1:1 or team video meetings online, through your browser or the Teleport.video app. Share your screen, post links, deliver presentations, turn your mic or camera on/off, and more. The best part? Teleport.video doesn't require a plugin.

How it works with Setmore

Integrating Teleport.video with your Setmore account will allow you to convert regular services and classes into video meetings. When you or a customer books a Teleport.video-activated service or class, you'll both receive a link to join the video meeting at your scheduled appointment time.

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Free Video Meeting Appointments

Teleport.video is free to use and can be integrated with your free, basic Setmore account. Simply activate the integration, then choose the services and classes to convert to video meeting appointments. Any time that service or session gets booked, a confirmation email will automatically deliver the video meeting link to both you and your customer. When it's time for your appointment, just click the link to start the video meeting.

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Perfect for Initial Consultations, Meet & Greets

With the Teleport.video integration, you decide which services and classes are converted into video meetings. Have complex service offerings or that needs you to connect with clients before moving forward? Or do you often run a presentation to prospects? Offer an initial consultation that clients can self-book with you online, then join them in a free video meeting to better understand their needs. Use Teleport to host 1:1 meetings, webinars, consultations, and much more.

Easy Activation, No Plugin Required

Teleport.video works in any updated web browser, with no plugin required for either you or your customers. That means you can connect with clients online through a simple link, and start your meeting right away without hassle. To activate the integration:

  • Step 1: Log into the Setmore web portal at https://my.setmore.com
  • Step 2: Go to Apps & Integrations and scroll down to the Teleport.video integration card.
  • Step 3: In the Teleport.video menu, click the Activate button in the left-hand column. Follow the prompts to select which services and classes will be video-activated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join video meetings from my mobile device?

Teleport.video works in any compatible, updated web browser. So while you can use Teleport.video from the browser on your phone or tablet, for best results we recommend accessing your video meetings from your webcam-activated laptop or desktop computer.

How do I update which of my services include a video meeting link?

You can update your list of video-activated services by going to Apps & Integrations > Teleport.video, then click “Manage Integration” in the left column of the Teleport.video menu. You can also activate or deactivate video meetings for individual service profiles under Settings > Services. For classes, go to Settings > Classes to activate or deactivate video meetings.

Why is my camera or microphone not working?

Make sure you have both a working camera and microphone on your device, and that permissions are allowed for Teleport.video to activate both in your web browser. If using Google Chrome, you can find these options by clicking the “Lock” icon on the far left of the web address bar.

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