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Introducing #SetmoreStories: We’ll Promote Your Story Online

The Setmore family is growing. Hundreds of new businesses sign up for Setmore everyday, and millions of appointments are being made monthly all around the world. That’s huge. Most notably, the Setmore story is really made up of all of… Continue Reading →

New Features: Summer of Setmore 2016

The state of the Setmore union is strong. Our development team has made leaps and bounds to bring new features to the app and we’ve rounded up a summary of changes below. As you read on, know that many of… Continue Reading →

New Features Better Than a Box of Chocolates

Nothing gets us more amped than announcing new features (well, except perhaps a quad-shot of espresso administered intravenously), and we’ve hit the ground running despite a soggy start to the year due to flooding in December. We’re pleased to share… Continue Reading →

Deliver the Power of Experiences

 “You may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.” – Spock, son of Sarek What Spock means is that the experience of anticipation is often… Continue Reading →

Sneak Peek: The Future of Setmore

We won’t keep you waiting. The future of Setmore can be summed up in one simple phrase: Helping you grow your business. For days, weeks, and months we’ve been hard at work to bring you a more beautiful, more powerful… Continue Reading →

Setmore 2015 Year in Review

2015 has been a truly awe-inspiring year. With your help, we’ve launched Setmore in over 114 countries, 27 different languages, and this is only the beginning. We rely on positive reviews, word of mouth, and feedback from users like you… Continue Reading →

Setmore iOS Update: Version 1.7.4

Following the release of a spectacular update, version 1.7.3, that gave you a lots of add-ons to improve your scheduling experience, here comes another release. Setmore iOS Update, version 1.7.4 brings alive a feature that was requested by you. Still… Continue Reading →

Setmore iOS Update: Version 1.7.3

Dear iOS users, we’ve got news! In the ongoing process to equilibrate the iOS app to the prowess of Setmore’s web app, we’ve got a new feature release. A new Setmore iOS update to make scheduling fun, easy and more… Continue Reading →

Feature Update: Multiple Services and Activity Stream

Our customers mean the most to us and we always try to actualize your feature requests to enhance the overall user experience. After all, it is you, our users, who adapt to these periodic changes/upgrades and continue using our product,… Continue Reading →

Setmore Android Update:

Here we are with another update for Android users! Setmore’s latest version of the Android app (version is available for free download in the Play Store. With this update, the Android app comes a step closer to fully incorporating… Continue Reading →

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