Take payments online.

Accept online payments for appointments via your calendar or Booking Page.

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Get paid online for your services, fast.

Your online booking and payment system enables you to process card transactions from your calendar and Booking Page. All payment information and billing histories are stored, making it straightforward to record and track your revenue.

*You won’t be charged by Setmore for Square or Stripe transactions. Here are links to each provider’s pricing details. Rates may vary by country. Square pricing > | Stripe pricing >

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Flexible payment options.

Accept customer payments online, no matter your plan. Got a Free account? Connect Setmore with Square to process credit and debit card transactions for your services. Signed up for Premium or Pro? Take your pick from multiple payment providers, including Stripe, and get paid for appointments in advance.

Get paid on-the-go.

Manage your transactions with the Setmore iOS or Android app. Your appointment and payment information syncs across devices, giving you quick access from Anywhere. Take card payments in-person - ideal when booking follow-ups - and get instant notifications when a customer pays through your Booking Page.

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Take online deposits.

Prefer a down payment before confirming an appointment? With Setmore, you can require customers to pay a percentage or in full to reserve your time. This ensures a firm commitment to attend, helping you to reduce no-shows. Add discounts, process refunds and more, all from one online booking and payment app.

Recordkeeping made simple.

Stay on top of appointment revenue with your scheduling and payment app. Track individual transactions, access detailed billing histories, and export data in monthly or quarterly reports. Each appointment’s details can be accessed within your calendar, with payment info that updates automatically.

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Easy online scheduling and payment processing.

Accept payments online for free, directly from your Setmore calendar. Focus on sharing your skills while your appointment booking and payment system sends out confirmations and receipts.

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Set up online payments in no time. Cha-ching!

Activating payments with your Booking Page

Ensure a stronger commitment to show up by taking payments before confirming appointments. Request deposits or full payments for select services on your Booking Page.

How to take payments online with Square

Learn how to accept customer payments online or in-person through your Setmore calendar. Simplify point-of-sale transactions with a Square card reader.

Getting paid with the Stripe integration

Sign up for Setmore Premium or Pro and access the exclusive Stripe integration. Take credit card payments online through your calendar and Booking Page.


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