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Manage Payments and Appointments in Setmore

Take credit card payments from your Setmore calendar or Booking Page via Square (our preferred provider) or Stripe. Start now!

Payment section of Setmore booking page

Get Paid through Your Scheduling Calendar

Need a way to take payments from your customers and support your business? Integrate Square or Stripe with your Setmore account to process transactions through your appointment calendar or your public Booking Page. Setmore will tie your transaction info to appointment histories, making it easy to see which of your customers is paid up, or you can generate spreadsheets for recordkeeping and accounting purposes.

Preferred Provider: Use Square with the Free Version of Setmore

Use Square with Setmore Free to take customer payments for your appointments. You don't need a Setmore Premium account to use this integration!

Not using Square? Visit the Square website to learn more and sign up >

Use Stripe with Your Setmore Premium or Pro Account

Use Stripe with your Setmore Premium/Pro account and take payments from your calendar or booking page.

Not using Stripe? Visit the Stripe website to learn more and sign up >

Take Payments from Your Smartphone

Payment integrations in Setmore work with our downloadable app for iOS or Android! This means you can take payments online or in person and manage your transactions from your phone. The mobile app syncs all appointments and payment data with your primary account on the browser-based Setmore platform, so you can switch between laptop and phone seamlessly.

When you sign up for Square, you can choose your free magstripe reader or purchase a contactless chip reader for $49 USD. You can use the free Square magstripe reader to swipe your customers’ credit cards with your smartphone. Use the contactless chip reader to accept chip cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay at your point-of-sale terminal, tablet or smartphone.

Please note that Stripe card readers are available through 3rd party providers. Click here to learn more >

Booking Page Deposits

Require a payment upfront at the time of booking. You can require that customers pay for all or just a percentage of their service in order to secure their appointment. Not only will this get a firm commitment from your customers and help reduce no-shows, but it also lets you focus on delivering a high-quality experience during the appointment.

Recordkeeping Made Easy

Transaction information is tied to each appointment, so if you need to verify that a payment was made, simply open the appointment details from your calendar page. Here you can also add additional fees or taxes, or apply discounts and refunds as needed. Want an entire recount for the past month or quarter? Setmore lets you export and download a spreadsheet of all past transactions in an adjustable timeframe.

Transaction Fees

Setmore doesn’t charge you any additional fees on top of the standard transaction costs levied by Square and Stripe. It’s a good practice to do your homework before you sign up, so we’ve provided links to each provider’s pricing information below. Rates may vary by country.

( Preferred Partner) Learn more about Square pricing information >

( Preferred Partner) Learn more about Stripe pricing information >

Additional Resources

Visit our support website to learn more about taking payments online through Setmore.

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