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Customer Spotlight

Closing the Lead Conversion Loop: A Setmore Story ft. Denise Renee

The recipe to making your business successful is half turning prospects into customers, and half keeping the customers you already have. This is especially true for solo entrepreneurs who have to wear all the hats. However, Setmore can help automate… Continue Reading →

Setmore Story: Kevv, The Barber’s Table

What makes Setmore great are the people who use it. Case-in-point: Kevv the barber (@thebarberstable) from Michigan. Kevv put himself through college while building his business and his personal brand from scratch. On top of this he’s pulling in tons… Continue Reading →

Introducing #SetmoreStories: We’ll Promote Your Story Online

The Setmore family is growing. Hundreds of new businesses sign up for Setmore everyday, and millions of appointments are being made monthly all around the world. That’s huge. Most notably, the Setmore story is really made up of all of… Continue Reading →

Share Your Small Business Story: Becky Quinn, Cosmetologist

There are two things Becky Quinn is passionate about: cosmetology and family. Luckily, the two have gone hand-in-hand for Becky. In 2012, she made the decision to become a managing cosmetologist and, with strong encouragement from her family and friends,… Continue Reading →

Share Your Small Business Story: Paige Harper, Massage Therapist

Not everyone enters adulthood knowing what they want to do as a career. Some of us take the scenic route. Massage therapist Paige Harper of Healthful Solutions is one of these. “At forty, I finally found my calling in life,”… Continue Reading →

Customer Spotlight: NakedCherry Brings Vintage Customer Service Back

Karen Metsos of NakedCherry yearns for the golden age of customer service. Times when an Audrey Hepburn-esque dame could enter a small shop and expect to be waited on by a smiling shopgirl or polite salesmen. It was a desire… Continue Reading →

Client Spotlight: Jonathan Webb of Iowa State University

When Jonathan Webb helped his mother study for an American Sign Language class as a child, he had no idea he’d found his life’s work. 

Setmore – Client Spotlight: Call The Apple Guy

Alejandro Lopez is a man on a mission, and his mission is simple – to make sure that his customers get the most out of their Apple products. Apple is at the forefront of manufacturers creating the “next big thing,”… Continue Reading →

6 Robots Named Paul by Patrick Tresset – Setmore

What’s a computer-scientist-turned-painter to do when the medication to treat his bipolar disorder strips him of his passion to create art? Return to his tech roots, and create a robot who can draw in his old style, of course. Tresset’s… Continue Reading →

Marc MacArthur of Heckbert Studio & Gallery

Marc MacArthur of Heckbert Studio & Gallery Heckbert Studio is located in the capital city of the smallest Canadian province, Prince Edward Island (“Anne of Green Gables” fans, are you listening?). Owner Marc MacArthur’s paternal grandfather started the studio in… Continue Reading →

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