Deployment Notes: May 2019

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There’s never been a better time to book appointments on your iPhone. We’ve got some huge changes landing for the Setmore iOS app this May, along with a long list of bug fixes across multiple platforms. Continue reading for all the juicy details…

Upgrade to Premium from your iPhone

An iPhone showing the Setmore Premium signup screen.

You can now upgrade to Setmore Premium directly from the Setmore iOS app. This addition brings us one step closer to a mobile platform that’s just as powerful as the Setmore web app, with the added bonus of being able to run your business from anywhere.

Upgrade today to unlock advanced features, with your business growth in mind:

Manage your time better with 2-way Google and Office 365 calendar sync
Get paid from your Booking Page or Calendar with the Stripe integration
Keep customers coming back with recurring appointments
Reduce no-shows with text reminders*

*Note: Text reminders must be activated via the Setmore web app while we work on adding these menus to our mobile platform. Learn how >

Ready to upgrade?

Go to Account > Premium in the Setmore iOS app, then select your plan (monthly or yearly) and confirm your payment information. Your Premium subscription will activate instantly.

Instructions pointing to Account, then Premium.

Go to Account > Premium to upgrade your Setmore account.

If you upgrade to Setmore Premium from your iPhone, you’ll manage your subscription settings through your iCloud account. This means if you need to make any adjustments to your subscription, you’ll do this from your iPhone’s settings. How to update your billing info >

Staff profile changes for new accounts

To help Setmore prepare for the future, we’re making some changes to the number of staff profiles you can maintain in a free Setmore account. Starting May 20, 2019, free Setmore accounts will be capped at 4 staff profiles per account, down from 20. This change will help offset some of the costs of maintaining multi-user accounts, and help balance out the value that single-user accounts get compared with multi-user accounts.

Accounts created before May 20th use the old cap

This limitation will only apply to new Setmore accounts created after May 20, 2019. For any account created before May 20, 2019, the free version of Setmore will still support up to 20 staff profiles.

Getting more than 4 staff profiles

If you have 5 or more team members in your business, you can upgrade to Setmore Premium to increase the staff profile limit to 20. Additional profiles above 20 can be added on a sliding scale basis. Click to add more profiles

The Squish List: bug fixes and refinements

App Stability

  • Fixed an issue that caused some instances of Setmore to crash on Samsung Galaxy S10 phones.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented updates to the reminder lead time from taking effect.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the last time slot of any given day to appear unavailable.

Booking Page

  • The Setmore Booking Page has been updated to accommodate customers using older Internet Explorer browsers.
  • When updating a phone number from the Customer Login, the updated number will now save as expected.


  • Fixed a bug that caused class sessions to appear as filled when they still had 1-2 open seats remaining.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented appointments from being scheduled in time slots that were previously filled by class sessions.

Design Standards

  • Updated the Setmore widget for Android to show consistent Setmore brand colors.
  • Repaired a design break in the Country dropdown menu, under Company Details.

Live Booking

  • Your Live Booking phone number will now display under the Shield icon > Live Booking in the top right corner of the Setmore web app.


  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused transactions made in the Square Point of Sale app to not show in the Setmore app if the Setmore-Square integration was activated.
  • In the Appointment Details window of the Setmore web app, the Payment and Pay Now buttons will no longer become non-interactive when the check mark is removed from the “Send Reschedule Email” checkbox.

Staff Profiles

  • Time off is now limited to two years in duration for each instance.
  • Adding new staff profiles from the Setmore mobile app will no longer cause the staff order to randomize.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from deleting a staff profile from the Setmore Android app.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented Receptionist-level users from being able to access appointment histories from customer profiles.

Stay tuned for future updates!
Thank you for reading 🙂

Committed to increased transparency and more responsive community outreach, Setmore will post monthly development updates to showcase some of our work and improvements made over the past 30 days.

Have a feature request? Post a comment below or email us at

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  • I never actually get a notification that the customer had paid online . I don’t know they’ve paid til they come in or once i see it come in from my bank account once it deposits . Is there a different way to know .?

    • Hi Nita, depending on if you use the Setmore web or mobile app, you can usually click/tap on an appointment to bring up the Details menu, which will indicate if the customer has paid or not. In the Mobile app, you can also go to Account > Payments > Payment history to see a list of recent transactions. The same is available in the web app under Settings > Payments > Payment history, where you’ll generate a spreadsheet report of recent transactions.

  • Do you plan to create the possibility to provide unique links for specific classes?

  • Hi Cas. Just letting you know how happy we are with the whole booking system. Our staff members have been using their apps for a good while now and they all do their own bookings after each driving lesson. Cuts our office staffs job in half! The new Beta iPad app is looking good. Gets better after each update. Only one small thing that still gets us occasionally. Sometimes our office staff fail to turn off the “activate off hours bookings” feature after using it. Would be great if it somehow went back to normal by itself after changing it to “activate”. That’s the only very small issue we have. Apart from that, as I said, the best move we made was to subscribe to Setmore. Again thanks Cas. Billy.

    • Hi Billy, thanks for your kind words. We’re working on updates to the mobile app that will help differentiate off-hours time vs. working hours. I’m not sure if that helps your situation, but it might offer some clarity to field personnel who are using the mobile app. It’s very unlikely that we’ll add a timer to the Activate Off Hours feature, so we may have to rely on workarounds here. Thanks again for posting.

  • Hi Cassandra,
    I was just wondering if you all will ever create this app to work horizontally?
    We use it daily but use square stand on iPad for payments and it would be nice to have a way to book future appointments and take payments from my square stand which has our iPad horizontal.

  • Is it possible yet for clients to adjust specific appointment times or dates instead of just the staff when set as a recurring appointment? This is a pain that clients can’t adjust anything when scheduled as recurring…

    • Hi Karen, at this time there’s no path for a customer to reschedule an appointment in a recurring series. It’s on our backlog but not an immediate priority, so it may be some time before this happens. Thank you for bringing it to our attention and commenting here, your input is helpful!

  • Will you be working on the block out idea of having the ability to change colors so it isn’t just gray? There was mention of this so we can use the app as an agenda as well to keep everything in one place. Blocking out for time off still shows in Gray only. Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah, yes this is currently being worked on. I’m not sure when it will be ready for public release yet (it’s actually wrapped up in a larger project that hopefully I’ll be posting about later this summer). Thanks for commenting!