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Book Virtual Appointments with Setmore VR.

What’s better than booking appointments IRL and growing your business? Booking them in virtual reality, where there’s no limits and your business can become a virtual empire that dominates all others. Turn your digital entrepreneurism into digital escapism with Setmore VR.

Why VR?

Studies show that gamification, or the introducing of task-and-reward style incentives into your everyday activities, can increase customer engagement by 50% or higher.* By gamifying your business calendar experience, not only will you get to experience the thrill of booking appointments virtually, but you’ll also enjoy the rapid fire book-and-reward stimulation that will keep you booking for hours on end.

How it works

Setmore VR is a fully-contained headset system that allows you to access and interact with the virtual scheduling world, anytime and anywhere. Before you log into Setmore VR, make sure you have adequate space around your body to ensure that you don’t inadvertently run into objects or injure yourself or others.

setmore headset

The Setmore VR headset, designed with your comfort in mind:

  • Fully standalone, processor and memory built-in.
  • Super lightweight 15 lbs for long-term wear.
  • Amazing graphics for a fully immersive experience.
  • Definitely not just Photoshopped ski goggles.

Pro Tip: if you smell burning plastic during use, take a 1 hour break to let the headset cool down.

Booking an appointment in VR

In Setmore VR, services exist as creatures that you’ll need to hunt both for gaining experience and leveling up, and for booking appointments.

bow and arrow

To schedule an appointment in Setmore VR, first locate the creature/service that you want to schedule. In this example, we’re going after the sheep because, as the scissors painted on its woolly coat imply, this will unlock the Haircut service.

  1. Draw your bow and arrow and target the creature.
  2. Once the creature is down, loot its body to add the service to your inventory.
  3. You may now book the service! Double tap the service in your inventory panel to start the booking.
  4. Book the appointment as you usually would. The appointment will replace the service in your inventory. Rinse and repeat for additional appointments!

Canceling an appointment in VR

Canceling appointments in Setmore VR is a bit trickier. Because appointments are forged with the enchanted shearings of service sheep and/or other creatures, they cannot be destroyed by ordinary means.

lava pit

To cancel an appointment in Setmore VR, first travel to the volcano at the top of Mt. Gloom.

  1. Open your inventory and select the appointment you want to cancel.
  2. Cast the appointment into the fiery magma of Mt. Gloom.
  3. The appointment will incinerate instantly, and you’ll receive a confirmation email that the appointment was canceled.

Take appointments, and your business growth, virtual

Setmore VR is currently in closed beta, but we’ll be launching an open beta version soon. Post a comment below if you’d like to be added to the list of testers. We plan to add more functionality, such as scheduling recurring appointments and sending text reminders, in the near future.

In the meantime, book appointments like there’s no tomorrow, because in the virtual world, time is even more of an abstraction. And yes, this is absolutely an April Fool’s day post.


*We totally made this number up.


by Cassandra

Writer, editor and scheduling product expert at Setmore Appointments.

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