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Guest Post: How to Write a Small Business Content Marketing Plan

Small business owners rarely have enough financial resources for huge marketing campaigns. They always look for some less expensive methods to promote their businesses and in most cases, they decide on content marketing. Over the past few years, content marketing… Continue Reading →

10 Tips to Get More Customers from Your Website

Like any business, you need to increase your sales so you can grow. When there’s so much competition online though, it can be hard to stand out. Here’s 10 ways you can increase your conversions and attract more customers to… Continue Reading →

Setmore Impossible – Scheduling Hacks Volume 3

Getting your software to do what you want it to shouldn’t be as difficult as climbing the Burj Khalifa. Luckily for you, Setmore is super flexible and lets you channel your inner Ethan Hunt to customize a solution for virtually… Continue Reading →

How to Write Headlines That Pull Customers In

The headliner, also known as the H1 or title of your website, is the first thing customers see, and most often it’s the only thing your customers read. Anecdotally a lot of bloggers will tell you that 8 out of… Continue Reading →

5 More Setmore Hacks to Nextlevel Your Appointment Scheduling

One of our aims with Setmore is to create an app that delivers more than just its list of features. We’ve spent many late nights, glued to our desks and lost in a sea of drained coffee cups, chiseling away… Continue Reading →

The Best Way to Electrify Customers & Get More Reviews, Referrals, and Pre-bookings

In the field of physics, the First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed in an isolated system. In other words, energy you put into something equals energy you get out of it, and customer experiences… Continue Reading →

Customer Expectations: The Tool You Didn’t Know You Had

Expectations tell a story of what your customer experience will be, regardless of what the experience actually is. However, the difference between the two will often determine if customers are satisfied with your business or if they find it wanting…. Continue Reading →

Lobbying for a 5-Star Customer Experience

The customer’s journey encompasses more than just your service, it also includes everything leading up to that service: booking the first appointment online, getting a text reminder the day before the appointment, and the 5-10 minutes of milling around the… Continue Reading →

Find More Customers and Get More Website Traffic

Your website is the virtual face of your business, attracting web surfers and converting visitors to leads and clients. But to get your website operating at peak efficiency, there are things that every business owner must routinely check off their… Continue Reading →

How to Reward Customers for Being Customers

No doubt sometime during your tenure as a business owner or manager, you’ve slipped into the local coffee shop to fuel up on your preferred caffeinated brew. And if you have, then you’ve probably used punch cards that say something… Continue Reading →

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