The Basic Blueprint

Learn the basics of your free Setmore Basic account. See the calendar, customer list, Booking Page, notifications, staff profiles, and more, even before you sign up. Now everything will already be familiar when you log in to book your first appointment.

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Online Calendar

Access your appointments anywhere.

Drag and drop rescheduling, off-hours booking, double-booking, slot blockers, and more. Log into your Setmore account from a web browser on your laptop/desktop, or sync appointments to the mobile app for iOS or Android and book on the go.

Online Calendar


Integrate Square + Setmore

Take payments for appointments.

Integrate Square with the free version of Setmore and take payments online, through the Setmore app. Let customers pay upfront as they book online. Get receipts, issue refunds, and export a history of all your transactions.

Auto-Notify & Remind

Automated email alerts and notifications.

Receive email alerts for every new or rescheduled appointment. Send automatic email confirmations and reminders to your staff members and customers, and let customers reschedule from their inbox to save on time-consuming phone calls.

Auto-Notify & Remind

Website Booking

Website Booking

Let customers book appointments 24/7.

Every Setmore account comes with a free, public-facing online Booking Page that lists your staff, services, availability, and contact info. Add the Booking Page to your website and let online visitors book an appointment right then and there, no phone call required.

Use Square with the free version of Setmore. Learn More >

The difference between Free and Premium

Use the basic version of Setmore for free, for as long as you want. No trial periods, no credit card required at signup. Sign up with your email address or social login, get set up in seconds, book your first appointment in minutes, and upgrade at your own pace for advanced features.



  • 1-4 staff logins and calendars
  • Send automated email alerts
  • Public-facing Booking Page
  • Payments with Square


  • 20+ staff logins and calendars
  • Customizable text reminders
  • Recurring appointments
  • Payments with Stripe

See the full "Free vs. Premium" breakdown >

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The best way to get to know Setmore is to try it for yourself. Sign up for free, no credit card required, no commitment.

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Can my team use/access one account?

Yes. Your free Setmore account includes 1-4 staff logins. Setmore Premium is required for 5 or more staff logins, with additional fees for more than 20 staff logins.

How does Setmore make money?

Setmore Premium users are our lifeblood, and free Setmore users help spread the word about our amazing support and ease-of-use. It's a winning combo!

Who are the people behind Setmore?

Setmore was built by experts in the small business software industry. We have offices in Portland, Oregon and Chennai, India. Learn more >

Which devices does Setmore support?

You can log into your Setmore account from any web browser on a laptop/desktop computer, or download the mobile app for iOS or Android.

Does Setmore work with other apps?

Yes. Setmore supports dozens of integrations with 3rd-party apps and platforms, such as Facebook, MailChimp, Zendesk and Zapier. Read more >

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

We pride ourselves on amazing 24/7 customer support! Email or visit our support website and click the chat bubble in the lower right corner.