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2019 Year in Review: 44 Million Appointments and Counting.

This was Setmore’s busiest year ever, with a staggering 44 million appointments booked all over the world. As we bid farewell to a successful and productive twelve months, we’d like to share some numbers from our top five industries, so you can see how you fit in. 

As the last decade of internet blog posts have well asserted by now, automation is the future and robots may or may not be the end of us (just kidding, it’s climate change of course). But in the meantime we can revel in their ability to amaze, adore, and showcase annual industry performance stats. 

gains gym powerlift

Boom! The athletics & recreation industry hit the gym to power-lift over 2.1 million appointments.

business bot

Consulting and business services synergized their workflows to output a scorching of 3.5 million appointments booked.

appointments booked

Massage, waxing, and nails had an all-year spa day with over 8 million appointments booked.

Illustrated image of a robot

You guessed it, barbershops and hair salons made the cut with over 9.1 million appointments booked.

health and wellness appointment

The health and wellness industry wrote a prescription for crushing it, booking 10.5 million appointments.

Thanks to everyone for an amazing year. Here’s looking to 2020 with optimism, joy, a newfound affinity for our robot overlords, and full calendars.

p.s. See how 2019 compares with previous years: 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015


by Cassandra

Writer, editor and scheduling product expert at Setmore Appointments.

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