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Discover how NAU Sports Medicine gives its athletes autonomy over their healthcare. Athletic trainer Amanda Bock utilizes online physical therapy scheduling to align staff calendars, manage clinic traffic, and keep rehabilitation plans on track.

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Online scheduling for physical therapy streamlines your calendar management. Share your availability through your online Booking Page and let patients self-schedule sessions at any time. Appointment details land in your calendar automatically, allowing you to stay focused on rehabilitation.

Rehab, repeat, recover.

Evaluation and recovery typically require multiple sessions. Whether you travel to longer-term patients, or they visit your clinic, book recurring appointments in advance. This ensures patients have reserved slots over a period of time, keeping recovery plans on schedule. To enhance their experience further, patients receive email or text reminders ahead of each session.

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Personalized physical therapy patient scheduling.

Collect vital information before sessions by customizing your Booking Page’s intake form. Details added by patients are centralized in their Customer Profiles, including contact and payment details. Specialists can also update these with links to treatment plans, progress notes, x-rays, and more.

Offer remote rehabilitation options.

Book and host virtual physical therapy sessions with Setmore’s Teleport, Zoom and Google Meet integrations. Email confirmations automatically include 1-click meeting links to consult with patients online.

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